Life Without Style

Pinch, Punch, I Have No Chocolate to Munch

Actually, I don’t munch on chocolate, I let it melt in my mouth. But that’s not the point here.

The point is, I’m out of chocolate. I still have one box of Lindt left, but it’s Lindt. It’s the kind of chocolate you save for birthdays and those days when you are really, really, really down (which, recently, has been most days thanks to my mock exam results, so I’m running low on that too.)

Pinch, Punch, It’s the First of the Month, and for some reason, I feel a renewed energy to work on that long list of school work that I’ve been telling myself to get working on. Except that it is 8:33pm Sunday whilst I type this. Tomorrow is Monday. Instead of groaning, I am going to pump my fist in the air, yell out battle-cries to myself in the dead of night and promptly collapse onto the bed, because motivational bursts never seem to last that long.

There is extra knitting time available tomorrow, but only if I do all the work that I need to do now. So that is my current motivation, plus a trip to the cinema the day after to watch Big Hero 6 (I am excited! Here’s the UK Youtube Trailer).

This week looks to be a good week.

I hope The School doesn’t give us our reports this week.


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