Life Without Style


There was a knitting post scheduled for today, but that’s been put to one side because I made pancakes, which overrides everything considering how rarely I make them.

The photo below should demonstrate why pancakes are a rare sight in the household (as is any form of me cooking anything other than scrambled egg). I think it’s from last October.

Batter was far too thick. What was I thinking. They were barely, if at all, edible.

However, today they turned out almost pretty much perfect.

Photos courtesy of Twerp. I was busy making sure none of them got too badly burnt.
Photos courtesy of Twerp. I was busy making sure none of them got too badly burnt.
  •  I mean, the fire alarm went off, but it always goes off when something is being fried. Our fire alarm is literally right next to the kitchen door, waiting for the toast to turn brown.
  • I also forgot to turn the vent on and open a window, which is essential.
  • I also put in far too much milk so I had to put in another egg and more flour, which turned out to be a good thing.
  • I made less of a mess. Success.
  • I set one of my pancakes on fire. I lifted the pan to put the pancake on the plate and it kind of slid off. I sorted it out though… and it was still edible, but it had charred edges. Pancakes don’t seem to be very flammable, fortunately.

Dad thought there was too much batter, and therefore too much for us to eat, but let’s be honest here… I made a total of 12 (not counting the two I snacked on whilst cooking the rest), which makes four each for myself, plus my younger siblings Twerp (previously mentioned on this blog as K) and Derp.
Still not enough, in my humble opinion.
Look at them! I have renewed my faith in my cooking skills!
Next time, meringue with the dodgy oven.


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