Life Without Style

The Twelfth Year of Twerp

Happy Birthday.

Besides reading the family birthday card which pretty much summed up my feelings, I’d like you to know that you’re getting there. You’re not quite a lovely young lady yet, but you’re getting there. Ish.

I like spouting random thoughts in your direction, mostly because you are usually the nearest person. I like our occasional late night talks, although this goes for your brother too. I like how you’re the second snuggliest person in our family.

I like the fact that we have very similar tastes in anime. This may be because I just happen to recommend some better series than what you used to watch. The same can’t really be said for music but I think it’s just a small generational difference, so still similar-ish.
And now you can watch all your anime on your swanky new laptop or swanky new (although it’s Mom’s old) phone. While I suffer with my old machinery and complain that my 12 year old sister has better gadgetry. Cool.

I still imagine you with a bob because you only decided to grow it out last year and after eleven years of Bob it will be very missed.

Also, you are forever a 10 year old in my eyes.

Whatever. Happy Birthday.

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