Life Without Style

 Thoughts #8

  1. Firstly, my apologies for suddenly turning into a beauty blog over the last few weeks. Having a rummage through old posts to re-tag and categorise them has made me realise how sudden the change was. I think I’m going to restrict myself a bit more now, perhaps to one beauty post a week or something, because this is, first and foremost, a personal/knitting blog. Restricting myself would also give me more time to actually test out my new purchases so it’s win-win!
  2. I have started my new part-time summer job at Clarks and wow, it was nervewracking… Training is great but once you start it’s not the same – each place has their own way of doing things, mostly to save time. Ask questions, tell someone if you don’t know stuff- that’s important at a new place. Some things just need experience, like checking the fit of shoes which I am terrible at.
  3. Speaking of jobs, my parents are trying to persuade me to take on a more active role in their Nail Salon and, as much as I love them and all, I really don’t like working with them. It’s good to be helpful and stuff but they get cranky and order me around a lot and I put up with that enough at home, let alone at work too! Even if they pay me more (much more…), just no. I am helping out this summer which means I’m working two jobs, 7 days a week! Early nights it is…
  4. Last weekend I picked up my old notebook and flicked open to my notes on Japanese Language. I’ve been teaching myself on/off for about as long as I’ve been to secondary school. I revised my hiragana, learnt some katakana and also learnt some school-related vocabulary. I downloaded a random free PDF textbook on Japanese Grammar that is actually quite helpful and I read through a few sections. Then I put it all away and haven’t thought about it since. Whoops. This is why I only learn on/off.
  5. Almost finished knitting up the first ball of Belisia for the Ilene bag. I’m worried it may end up not deep enough but I’m plugging along anyway.
  6. I took out some old knitting projects. I did my best to continue with the tank top/vest from ages ago and managed to pick up a bunch of stitches but the forces of wool compel me not to work with this for now. It’s just difficult – almost like natural resistance or something. On the other hand, I finished a simple stockinette hat, the first of an intended two – one for Derp and one for Dad. Except now I want to keep this one. Sigh.

I’m setting up as many blog posts as I can now to lessen the load when I’m exhausted from work… Time management was never a strong point of mine.


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