Summer Reading 2015: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

With summer comes summer reading, memorably emphasised (!!) by the Headmistress during this year’s end-of-year assembly. I’ve taken out five books, only two of which are fiction since I need to do some background reading into my chosen university subject. I will share those reads nevertheless. 

I have picked up this book several times in the school library and not taken it out. If there’s anything I hate about blurbs, it’s that they make every book sound the same – interesting girl meets boy, things happen, dangerous dark things and temptations, torn between two things, I could go on – and it’s hard to find the more worthy reads out of the lot.

First of all, I’m glad I finally took this one out.


Cinder, by Marissa Meyer is an interesting take on the original Cinderella fairy tale. It’s interesting because so many details have been tweaked in ways I certainly couldn’t have thought of. Cinderella being a cyborg mechanic, for a start. Sometimes I do feel as if Meyer tried to stuff too many unique points into Cinder, which becomes more obvious the further into the book you read. Also, I feel the generic blurb is somewhat misleading due to its overexaggeration – tone it down a bit and it is otherwise accurate.

Overall, a good and refreshing read. I’m looking forward to the next book.


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