Music: Creeping

As much as I love catchy, upbeat mainstream pop, no matter how trashy it may seem (Cough – ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna‘ is my jam right now, and of course trashiness is subjective and this may very well be a work of art in your opinion) my real calling is to anything with a creepy vibe juxtaposed with something sweet. The trashy pop is only a supplement to keep me going because there really aren’t many artists who do anything in this genre let alone have it as their main focus. (The list of songs seems to get less creepy as you go along as a result of this!)

  1. [English] Melanie Martinez is one of my favourite music artists out there because all her stuff is sinister and sweet. Although I adore her work, she’s becoming ever popular (the MV for Pity Party released a month ago is gathering close to 4M views on Youtube) but I still want her to be my kind of secret, if you get what I mean.
    This is the MV for Soap – bubbly, sweet, lonely and dark. Her album, Cry Baby, is released Aug 14!

  2. [Korean] Next, is a K-Pop tune, by the producer PRIMARY. I’ve previously posted about Lim Kim’s cat-themed ‘Awoo’, which it turns out he produced. This MV for ‘Don’t Be Shy’ features three girls having a sleepover, surrounded by candles, playing with Pokemon cards and standing around pretending to be ghosts… not to mention the ouija board and burning ritual. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing with his work so this is really the only one of his tracks I like.
  3. The Japanese music I want to add to this list are dark and not sweet, and have already been mentioned in the form of Tokyo Ghoul theme songs, so I will skip over those and refer you to this post.
  4. [English] I was introduced to Aurora‘s music through another blog, and I have been into her music since. Her music videos are fantastical and dreamy without much creepy, but the music can err on the dark and whimsical side. The live version of ‘Running With The Wolves’ sounds even better, so I really want to see her perform one day.
  5. [Korean]Now, this one is just dark and seductive. GAIN is known for having concepts that stretch the boundaries of K-Pop and this one, Paradise Lost, is no exception, exploring the story of Adam and Eve in a more explicit way.
  6. [English] Lovely Bloodflow by Baths is very onorthodox.
  7. [Korean] WINGS are such an underrated K-Pop duo, as this great song only has 161,000+ views when it deserves so much more! ‘Blossom’ is sweeter than all of the other songs on this list but the ending to its MV hints at something darker.

If you have any songs on your music libraries that fit the bill, comment them below – I don’t have enough songs like these.


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