Really Long Review: Collection Work the Colour Matt Lip Butter

I know that it has literally only been two days since I reviewed Collection’s Work The Colour Lip Butter and Eye Shadow Pencil, and I mentioned that I wanted to try the Matt variation of the lip butter. But the day after that was posted, I walked into Superdrug and walked straight out with the Matt Lip Butter in Crimson Velvet. Actually, I wanted some more lip liners too but my local Superdrug is still having a shortage…

Anyway. This ended up being a very long post so if it’s too long, I summarised my points at the very bottom especially for you. 

Collection’s Work The Colour Matt Lip Butter has the same great pigmentation of its non-matte counterpart. Of course, its finish is not as shiny. What I love is that the packaging is also matte to reflect this!


I really love this vibrant red shade, Crimson Velvet, which is quite orange toned. Not my usual thing but hey. I look great in it.

So I may have rushed a bit in application and an angry pimple cropped up overnight but. Well. Life.

What I noticed upon application is that it does stick to and enhance lip lines. I assume the effect on dry patches would be the same. It’s not that noticeable but still there, even though today I would consider my lips to have been thoroughly moisturised.
It is also a little sheer (although I didn’t notice until I tried it with lip liner) which isn’t preferable for matte colours in my (or anyone else’s) opinion.

Now, let’s talk about the staying power. I tested it by wearing it alone over a no-meal period of at least 4 hours (this also helps me to cut down on snacks!!). I do still drink a lot and I am in the habit of being extra careful when I wear colourful lip products due to transfer.


This is after three hours, no food, multiple sips of green tea and a small touch up just to neaten my rushed work this morning. Not sure if you can tell but there has been some fading on the inside of my lips. It’s not very noticeable until the 4th hour and even then you could probably get away with it.

As it is more matte, it does stay on better than the normal lip butter. It also feels ever so slightly more drying, which, again, is normal as it is matte, but it still retains the creamy/kinda tacky feeling. It definitely will not last a meal, like its non-matte variation, and will need to be topped up afterwards. This is super easy to do as it is a crayon lip product but like all similar products, you would need to be more careful once the end goes blunt.

One of my main cons about this product is the limited shade range. There are only three shades, and all of them are very bright and made for the summer (I think this collection was released in April for this reason). I chose Crimson Velvet for its classic red which hopefully can still be worn as the weather gets colder.

(After testing) I take that back, this shade is so,so summery! I will pairing it with a layer of deeper lip liner underneath, as I did with the non-matte Perfect Plum earlier this week… The Perfect Plum is actually kinda sheer as well but I didn’t notice it much until I tried this. It is always worth experimenting with liners and glosses to get more wear out of the products you use.

Here is the non-matte lip butter in perfect plum, with a layer of Lancomes lip contour in 201 Beige Noisette (a My Lips But Browner shade, I love this, but it’s so pricey and I borrowed it from Mom). The colour is very much mattified by the liner and becomes a deep purpley red that I am totally in love with.

I might update this photo. I may not. But you get the gist from this little thumbnail, right?

Bringing this back on topic… here is the matte lip butter with a lip liner layer.

It’s unbelievably better with that lip liner layer. I used my own Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner in Spice this time, which is deeper than Beige Noisette. With liner, the lip butter colour is toned down slightly, more opaque and even more matte. The lip butter drags a bit more than usual when applying on top, but it doesn’t do that wierd flaky thing in the lines of my lips anymore. With a darker base colour this could be much more wearable in the colder months.

I think I have been completely converted to lip liner land… Why must my local Superdrug store have a liner shortage? WHYY?

To conclude, wear with a layer of lip liner to get a better look, although the staying power remains the same depending on your lip liner. Otherwise it’s okay for the price but I much prefer the non-matte lip butters. I’ve summarised my main points below because this post ended up so damn long. If you read all of this, I thank you.


  • Cheap at £2.99 each.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Easy to apply (at least, until it goes blunt).
  • Wear is not that noticeable unless you’re examining yourself in the mirror every five minutes like I did for this review…


  • Need to buy a separate lip liner to get full product potential.
  • Only three summer shades available.
  • Enhances lip lines by doing a weird flaky thing (?)
  • Slightly more drying than the non-matte.
  • Doesn’t last long – two hours at its best, not counting any food/drink consumed. Must top up after food.


Edit 2016

It has been over a year since I posted this now and I thought I would update on my thoughts towards this Matt Lip Butter. Oh Lard, the lip swatches. CRINGE. Please rest assured that I know now how to apply lipstick. I wasn’t so much a fan of full lips back then it seems. I really can’t look!

Anyway. Like its non-matte counterpart (which I have also updated the review to) the silver writing on the packaging is also worn off and the crayon tip bullet is now a slanted point which can make precise application difficult. I now always wear this with a lip liner unless I am really feeling lazy. There’s a really similar shade and finish in my collection from Revlon’s Matte Balms in Striking, so if you already own that it’s probably not necessary to buy Crimson Velvet.

I hope these extra opinions were useful to you!


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