Life Without Style

Thoughts of My Week (#11)

  1. School begins soon.
  2. Over this bank holiday weekend so far we’ve visited the city centre for the first time in a month or so, mostly to buy a suit for my brother who is starting sixth form next week. The short genes that run in our family made this very difficult. In other news, his GCSE results were absolutely fantastic.
  3. We are also redecorating Moms nail salon to include all her new polishes and a new pedi chair. The salon is tiny, so I’m wondering how all the new stuff will fit. This is Dad’s first big thing to do in a while so he’s mostly in charge – he’s great at DIY. My aunt went up to help him yesterday and I imagined that Dad would do all the work and my aunt would be mostly unhelpful. I was right.
  4. Unbelievably, the Superdrug store in the city centre (although there’s two and I didn’t check both) is also having a shortage of lip liners– the ones that I’ve wanted for a while, anyway. How is this possible? What is with people and lip liners now?
  5. I also dropped into two Waterstones stores to buy two specific books… neither of which were in stock. Bummer.
  6. I may have made a trip to Muji again to browse… I bought these stackable tray/boxes for my skincare and tiny makeup collection so now it takes up less space. Those boxes together were about £8 so pretty affordable, and I also bought the face lotion masks to use up some toner…  These boxes are also easy-clean and visually very nice & minimal – no frills. I’ll admit the stacking isn’t perfect due to the millimetre difference in the dimensions so I’ve had to use tape to hold it together, but it works soooo.
  7. See how those boxes are basically full? I have left room in my budget to spend on the lipliners I want so badly, but otherwise I am on a no-spend September to help keep the beauty stash small.
  8. My mom is on a diet. I don’t mean a fad diet, either. She has cut off carbs from almost all of her meals and started going on morning walks. I am joining in by eating her healthy food and tagging along for the walks. But then today we gorged on McDonalds which seems very counter-productive… Oh, the regrets. It tasted so GOOD.
  9. At this point I should mention that Mom is now also a member of Nu Skin’s network marketing scheme thanks to my aunt. Googling it comes up with concerning results but I think my mom can pull this off as she’s incorporating products into her salon treatments and she has a pretty good network of people to promote to. My Mom, Dad and Derp are using the products as proof that they work – marketing purposes. Yes, they have to invest their own money but when people can see the difference for themselves, it could all be worth it. I remain skeptic and haven’t joined in.
  10. Anyway, this diet includes Nu Skin pills – that I would have used, actually, if I wasn’t too young. Thought I should mention that. If you haven’t already gathered, Nu Skin is a health/skincare/bits n bobs of beauty brand. Their stuff seems to work but it’s really pricey – my main reason for not getting involved.
  11. I have also found a new moisturiser as my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser is already running low… Oh wait. I never posted my review of that moisturiser. A joint post it is.
  12. I dug out my old flashcards to start revising for retakes. Sigh.

School starts soon.


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