Thoughts 12

  1. I bought some sheet masks from Superdrug to kind of ease me into sheet masks before I went ahead and bought like 20 from Korea but I’m having trouble fitting them into my routine. I completely forget to put one on my face and by the time I remember, all my creams are on, and the time has passed. And the one day I did remember, it was clay mask day so totally irrevelant anyways.
  2. My skin has seen much improvement. Minimal outbreak, scars are fading well. By the end of the month I should have a link-heavy skincare routine post up – I’m leaving time for changes and observations to be made. I have been lazy with translucent-powdering my face so I look like an oil rig at school but hey – it’s school and not a wedding.
  3. School, for me, started on Friday but it was a short two hour day dedicated to talking to teachers about how bad our grades were and self assessment sheets. I detest those sheets, especially when I am sure we had similar questions on the sheets from last time. I have also had to finish the second draft of my UCAS personal statement which was just as depressing.
  4. Actually starting lessons made me feel better, but only marginally. My biology teachers are lovely and are helping us somewhat ease into A2 work. Psychology is fun relevant discussion as always (where else could you possibly debate what the world would be like if we had tails?) . On the other hand, my chemistry teachers went full speed ahead with work and I felt like crying mid-lesson. Having no fourth A Level means more free periods and I think it will work out with me doing all my homework in frees and extra work at home. It is a good arrangement to have.
  5. Don’t you just hate it when people don’t – how do I say this – they don’t want you to be around and aren’t very subtle about it. At all. What people you thought were borderline friends clearly don’t think the same way at all. They weren’t even subtle about it. I’m certain I haven’t overthought this either – although I’m feeling tired and spiteful and might delete this later. I missed my friends to bits though and I am really happy to see them again.
  6. Whenever we go shopping now I have to hold myself back from the makeup counters. I am technically on a no spend September for beauty and the amount of temptations I have already come across (korean beauty sales, a £6.75 beauty box and countless reviews of new products for A/W by themselves) is unreal. Instead of buying it all, it all goes onto a wish list and it’s getting too long for something that was started 5 days ago.
  7. I have been picking up on body care a bit more as well – my skincare and body care (i.e. all that stuff I used to call pampering) is what helps me settle down to bedtime. Basically, every day is a pamper day now which may give you signs about my mental state which calls for it.
  8. I have started a second blog for more of those longer writing posts. Not entirely sure what the content will be like, but I am sorting out a schedule for this year and as it stands, I will be dedicating less time to this blog for the time being. Soz.


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