Life Without Style

Autumn Term 2015-2016 Goals.

…or, as the School may insist, Targets.

Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Any more than that is considered a bonus. Also: learn to sleep on my back. I put a lot of stuff on my face for my night routine and fall asleep on my back, but leaning to one side, and I’ll wake up with my face pressed to my pillow and sometimes a swollen (but not red or anything) eyelid.

Aim for two As on my next report (not the one that the School felt is necessary to send out next week, like excuse me it’s two weeks into term time and I know how bad my AS results were, no need for extra validation, thank you very much.)

Get to the end of term without missing a homework deadline, handing stuff in half-done or late, or getting it done by blindly copying someone else. This is much more difficult than you’d think, considering the difficulty at A-Level, and half of my friends do the task and don’t actually absorb enough to be able to help me. This is why we have teachers. *hits self on head*

 Get to Christmas Day in one piece. My year-long aim is to get to the end of the year in one piece. Ideally this means no mental breakdowns of any sort but it’s already too late (count: 2.5). I’m more stressed out than I thought I was, or would be, and the mere mention of anything related to my future is reducing me to tears. Survival tactics include:

  • attempting to sleep more. See above.
  • Time for myself: writing for my blog(s), working on my colouring book on the human brain, watching a TV episode whilst knitting.
  • Tea.

That’s it – not a long list, but quite challenging for me. I will treat myself for each goal I meet, but I haven’t figured out what the treats will be yet..

Much Love,


P.S. Twenty Swans hit its 9th month anniversary yesterday. I am terrible at keeping track of these things but I remembered this one! I am also seriously close to the small milestone of 60 followers on WordPress, hint hint. Thank you all for sticking around.

P.P.S. I have a writing blog over at Wise Words But Spiteful Over-Thinking, for which I am still working on multiple posts for. I also Tweet from time to time here.

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