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Sundays Are Two Faced #2: I got a free facial. Nice.

When was the last time I did a Sunday post like this? Ah yes… April.

So my mom and my aunt went on a facial course today and needed a spare face for the demo. I’m writing this about half an hour after returning home… and classically, I have no photos. (At least, none ready. If I find a decent one I may edit this post later.)
Well done, me.

Naturally, I ended up being the spare face. I was not feeling very happy about this- my mother had vaguely told me about this last Sunday, but failed to remind me, so as I woke up this morning she paced in and said ‘don’t forget you’re coming with me for my facial course’.

It was a bit late, as not only had I completely and utterly forgotten about this happening, it was 9:23 and I had an hour to eat and get ready. I had also pencilled in some urgent Chemistry revision time. Thankfully I didn’t have to bother with my skincare routine because – you know- free facial.

We arrived half an hour late because the salon had recently moved and we were given the old address, but the course teacher, AJ was very nice about it all and got straight onto teaching.

It’s surprising what you can learn from scouring skincare blogs like I do. After going through health and safety, AJ went through the various skin types and their problems, and I was surprised to find I already knew a good chunk of it. Even when she showed us the type of products used for each skin type I found that it was stuff I knew.

I think I may put all the stuff I learnt about in a separate post for reference, because it was very useful general information and she explained it much better than I could ever have done. Then again, it’s nothing a good googling won’t provide for you already.

Then, of course, the demo. I lay down on AJ’s special bed for facials and she got to work – going through the entire process of cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, steaming, masking, toning and moisturising. You can do most of these steps at home with time and patience.

However, it was my first time having my face steamed – this is done to open up the pores. My face felt warm and it took a while to get used to breathing while being steamed, and apparently all my pores looked ghastly afterwards. Besides that, the process was very comforting.

AJ did mention that the flushing-out effect of the facial may cause me to get some breakouts, but that’s normal for my congested skin. Otherwise, after my facial I looked very much the same as before, but a bit more refreshed.

The experience was quite educational so I’ve taken away a few reminders about looking after my skin (namely, stop touching and picking it! It’s such a bad habit of mine!).

Until next time,


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