Reflection: Mock My Week.

(Featuring sheet masks and insta-crafting.)

Mock exams are a roller-coaster of emotions. Psychology was fine other than that I didn’t write enough,  and didn’t know my arguments well enough to write more. I know full well I am capable of at least two sides of writing for topics I definitely get,  but for now I’m not at that stage and there’s still plenty of time before the real exam.

Biology was a disaster. I know my theory well enough but my application is horrendous and I am being nice to myself when I say that!

General Studies is impossible to revise for,  but I think I did fairly well on that.
Now I have three days to revise for Chemistry and I’m feeling good about it right now.

As if out of spite, my lamp broke.  Just as I was about to settle in for the night.  I turned it on and it just…  Popped. Sparks and everything.


That little sphere by my laptop is the bulb that fell.

So, since I really needed it, I treated myself last night to one of the Etude House Masks from my 20Pc set: Damask Rose. Here’s a sweet and snappy review…

It really does smell of roses, and reminds me of the rose hand creams from M&S. I really like the designs on the packaging and this rosy one is ultra pretty. This one is a fairly simple moisturising mask and the scent is really noticeable when you first take it from the sachet. There’s lots of clear essence left over.
I think the fit was a little strange but I think I put it on my face a little too much to the right. I struggle to get positioning right with masks, anyway.


I’m not good at smiling in a sheet mask, and yes, that is an Adventure Time T-Shirt. I am also not really that… yellow. It’s the bedroom lighting. 

As another form of relaxation I picked up my knitting again, and finished a facecloth. The motivation for it was purely that I am totally into skincare now and need more facecloths to rotate. I have knitted all of mine (three) thus far.

That one got finished quickly after a few hours, so I was in need of something else, but I had run out of the cotton that I keep specially for washcloths. So instead, I decided I needed a headband to keep the hair from my face when I cleanse and do my skincare routine. I did have one previously, but ended up giving it away, and I already had a second on hold from last year…

(That photo has 54 likes as I type. It’s an instagram record. *cries with pride*)

I’m trying to figure out how to embed so the instagram images align in the centre but it seems WP doesn’t do this. Sigh.

If you are an A-Level student, how are your mock exams going? What are you doing to relax?

Until next time,



Life and TV Knitting Update

  • Recently I have been reflecting on the blog and the writing style I use for it. It does sound like me, yes… a formal, too many thoughts me. I’m wondering whether I should attempt to adapt it or not. Big question.
  • Another thing. I still need to finish the blog logo. Just assume it will never happen and I may perhaps surprise you all one day!

Every now and again I am reminded that this blog started off fairly knit-heavy which it now isn’t, having been buried under things like skincare and too many thoughts. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I just don’t knit as much as I used to, but the important thing is that I still do. Compared to my A-Level studies and UCAS applications and stuff, my hobbies are really low priority. Blogging has, by far, been the easiest one to keep up with which is why I still post fairly frequently.

Progress is slow and steady on the  #GBBO2015 cowl, which is, as of now, still lacking a proper inspired name (ideas include naming it after contestant Nadiya who is my favourite to win, or something chocolatey)  The rounds are long and the pattern is interesting, but slow to knit. We are past the halfway mark of the series but I haven’t finished the first skein yet!

You can see both the right side and wrong side in the photo.

Luckily, Doctor Who has returned to our screens which means more TV knitting (Maisie Williams is guest starring this season!! Squeal!) Hopefully this means I can catch up a bit. Despite constantly suffering from Tenth Doctor withdrawal symptoms I still watch the show loyally. I think Peter Capaldi as Twelve is great, but at the same time I feel he hasn’t really found his feet with the character and is just as spontaneous and ‘everywhere’ as Eleven. Maybe it’s just Steven Moffat’s writing (which was better than usual for this season’s opening episode – I hope this is kept up all season!!).

(Another reason why I haven’t knit a lot is that knitting has been more a luxury for me recently due to life problems so I feel kinda guilty when I do, especially when I could be studying for my resits. Sigh.)

Until next time,


Weekly Thoughts #10

I am typing almost half asleep and am blissfully wondering if I could squeeze in a nap before dinner…

  1. I think one of the single biggest factors of my skincare problems is my lack of sleep. The other is hydration, which has been easier to rectify. I get into bed at 10pm but don’t fall asleep until midnight, giving me an average of 8 hours’ sleep (7 on school days or when I stay attached to the family iPad) when I should try to get more as I definitely have the time.
  2. I have attempted to stick to a blogging routine but well, personal happenings do not happen on a schedule so I think I shall just roll with this semi-scheduled format.
  3. I have discovered a new eating place near Mom’s nail salon. I have walked past it so many times on my way to get lunch at Greggs’ (or another local eatery) but never entered the shop. The Spud Oven does simple lunch foods like jacket potatoes (with a great variety of toppings) and pork sandwiches and soups and regular sandwiches and sometimes other hot foods like cheese and potato pie. I am a convert and will be visiting regularly from now on!
  4. I bought a slightly battered copy of Game of Thrones from a charity shop to ‘try out’ but I think I may have dived into the deep end of the pool. I feel as if this series should be read first and watched later because knowing what happens by watching, I no longer have the patience to read all about it again. The books, however, are just as vivid and action-packed as the TV series which is a good thing to know. On the other hand I bought some old pop CDs from the 2000s and I’m really not sure whether to regret this or not – ah well, for 50p each I can’t go too far wrong… can I???
  5. I am developing a vague interest in tea, and have purchased Pure Green Tea and Mint-and-Green Tea for the health benefits of the Green, even though I am not a fan of the taste – the mint is a welcome addition and sometimes I put lemon in my Pure Green Tea. I also bought a small box of Chamomile Tea for the evenings to help me relax and possibly help with my sleeping routine. These teas are surprisingly really affordable at less than £1 a box for own brands (I bought mine from The Co-Operative Supermarket) and a bit more for Twinings.
  6. I (or rather, Mom) bought a pair of beautiful new boots at New Look in the kind of style I have been lusting after for months and months (Mom justified this by fitting well into them as well so we can share!). I love block heels with platforms in particular but they’re particularly hard to find sometimes, especially as I have small feet (I fit a size 3 with wide fit and 4 without). New Look have a lot of items in styles I love and the biggest blessing is that their stuff actually fits my petite frame. I spotted a long t-shirt style top which is now on my mental wish list for my next after-work shopping spree.
  7. I ripped out my Lael Cowl and started it over again as I didn’t like the rolling stockinette at the beginning. Instead, I replaced it with seed stitch which doesn’t roll and adjusted the pattern so that the bumps in the main pattern fall in line. I have knit enough to catch up to where I should be as the 3rd episode of The Great British Bake Off is on tonight.
  8. I have re-done my nails twice since my last nail-related update, so a post is long overdue. The parents have plans to redecorate the salon and I got a huge bagful of throwaway polishes that have questionable colours and half-full bottles… But c’mon. It’s free nail polish – even if my mom has a particular disdain for those brands (How could she not like China Glaze? Really.)

The back to school rush has well and truly started  – I’m exhausted from today’s shift at work, I mean we have a ticket system for a reason, dear customers, don’t tell us we’re crap for not catering to your every whim when you didn’t get a damn ticket or bother to get measured – and that only serves as a grim reminder that we have like, two weeks left of the holidays.

I swear, yesterday I still had my entire life ahead of me, what happened?


P.S. It’s my brother’s turn for GCSE Results Day tomorrow. Wish him luck.

Must Knit to Quell the Urge to Eat during GBBO…

Okay, so when I started writing ‘weekly thoughts’ it was because the things that happened in my life were far too momentous to put into their own posts. Then all of my personal writing became the weekly thoughts so now I’m trying to switch it back a bit.

I guess I am still finding my feet with this blog by experimenting which can be a bit annoying (you can contact me to tell me what you like, though! That’s why I set up an email and Twitter! Just sayin’.) but it’s also quite exciting as well. 

The Great British Bake Off is back, if you didn’t know. I was super excited all day and did a bunch of things to prepare. I roughly tidied up my room, made a hot drink, had a new knitting project ready, and BBC iPlayer in live mode because Dad and Aunt were actually using the TV for something for once- and there was none of the usual WiFi lag and quality problem, I got a crisp image almost all the way through the program and it. Was. Great.
I learnt that morning that more people watched last year’s final than those that watched the Fifa World Cup Final, which I think is amazing, and #GBBO hit #1 on Twitter’s worldwide trending list that evening. If I remember correctly, GBBO has racked up the first episode views every year by about 2 million and this year it was no different is it gathered about 9.3 million/43% viewers! It has become an essentially British thing and I love it.

Oh yes… I did just say I started a new knitting project just to celebrate.

It is being made to the Lael Cowl pattern (I will give it a personal name related to baking as it is my GBBO knitting project – but it’s not quite a Black Forest Gateau *wink*) using Stylecraft’s Life Chunky in Colourway ‘Mixtures Bracken’. This colourway is acceptably close enough to chocolate and a great neutral colourway for this winter. No reason not to start early with my knitting speed, though.

I underestimated the big-ness of it – it is also supposed to be my short break between bits of the Ilene Bag, but now I’ve finished the cast on which took me the best of half the GBBO episode, it feels like it will take a bit longer. I think I’ll just switch again when I am bored or literally just knit this on GBBO days and the Ilene Bag on the other days.

Hopefully I can get this cowl finished by the time the final rolls around!



As of 12:30 yesterday, the summer has started and so has the perpetual boredom, and the bubbling hype leading up to AS results day…

I’m not one to laze around doing nothing (!) so I have my own goals set for this summer. This includes a reading list, picking up that new language again, as well as those musical instruments, drawing, and this knitted bag.


The pattern is Ilene, the yarn Schachenmayr Select Belisia, which I picked up two balls of on sale at House of Fraser’s craft section. I didn’t buy them with a project in mind – I just adored the colour and had been eyeing this particular yarn for a while before I finally bought them.

I have made a cotton bag before, but that ended up being gifted to my aunt in Vietnam. This one is for me. I like the really easy lace pattern, the simple construction (for my intermediate skills, anyway) and the short handle it will have, as cotton stretches pretty well and I’d rather not have the bag dangle down to my feet like with my standard tote bags.

You start off by knitting a block of stockinette, then picking up the stitches around the edge to create the base. Having started the lace already, I’m pretty proud of myself because I managed to pick up all those stitches and make them look like part of the pattern. It’s hard to show off without some sort of visual aid, though.

I said the lace was easy to knit but it also takes ages… Hopefully a healthy dose of movie nights this summer will solve that!


P.S. Thinking about winning the Psych prize yesterday still warms my heart. Do I colour the book in crayon or do little patterns in fineliner pens? Exciting.

Things that Happened (#6)

(posted a few days ago but reined in again for editing…)

This would normally be your Weekly Thoughts segment but I think this has become a more accurate title!

  1. We’ve harvested our first batch of strawberries: a ripe little handful of deliciousness…
  2. I finished some books recently that I didn’t post about. ‘The Winner’s Curse’ by Marie Rutkoski was recommended to me by AT – I say recommended, but in reality, she ushered me to read it and revel in its flaws. It has a beautiful cover, which is its main redeeming point. Aye, it looks beautiful on any bookshelf.
    The tale is about a generals daughter who bids on a slave purely because he can sing, and bids a ridiculously high price, invoking the wrath of the mythical ‘Winner’s Curse’, which mostly involves her falling in love with aforementioned slave.
    There are several points in the book that AT and I agreed downgraded an otherwise promising story, the main one being that an ‘important’ death was really only used as a [pretty terrible] plot device to propel the MC into action, and then the dead person wasn’t mentioned again, so was she really that important?
    When I share a book I sometimes like to post-it note the inside to share certain thoughts on the book with the next person to read it. AT actually writes in the book (shock horror) with pencil and pink highlighter (gasp!) but I smiled at every note – I agree with all of her little thoughts.
  3. I also finished the second book in the Mara Dyer series, ‘The Evolution of Mara Dyer’ by Michelle Hodkin. At this stage, the only thing I can say for certain, is that I will  definitely be reading the last book just to find out how it ends. It takes a different turn from the first book. I still dislike the love interest/boyfriend, Noah. DSC_0206
  4. Game of Thrones – I started watching season one last Saturday and finished it the following night. It has been on my to-watch list since last year but I am glad it took me this long to begin, as it is both very bloody and very sexual, such that I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it this time last year.
    Also, after watching Mark Addy’s performance in BBC’s Atlantis, I was surprised to see him play Robert Baratheon so stunningly in GoT. The production is also fantastic. I mean, how often do you see a show that includes the decapitation, spearing and stabbing of both man and horse, and manages to include it all so realistically? There was so much realistic blood, which made it fascinating to watch.
    If you can look past the sex and gore, it’s definitely a must watch for the plot and its twists, and there’s no wonder it’s so popular.
  5. I finished the Purse Stitch Scarf and wore it around the house all weekend! It’s light enough that I can start wearing it as soon as the days get a teeny bit cooler and warm enough to wear into the beginnings of winter. It’s also made with one skein and turned out wide and long enough so I am very happy with how it has turned out. I think that a photoshoot is in order for some of my recent FOs…

I’m keeping my Game Of Thrones binging to the weekends otherwise nothing will get done!


Sunday Snaps!

Every now and again, it actually feels like summer in England, especially on days like last Sunday. By complete coincidence I ended up in the garden holding Mom’s phone, which has a great, 20-point-something megapixel camera. The only other thing I know about it is that it’s from Sony’s flagship Xperia Z series. Aren’t I great with gadgetry?

I went a bit wild with the snapping but here are my favourites.

Garden 01
The main garden plot, which is beginning to fill with blooms and herbs.
I love this shot so much that it’s my current twitter header.
Flowers by the Fence, Featuring my Fashion-Forward Mom. (Alliteration!)
Cannot wait until these are red and ripe.
A nice shot of the apple tree for good measure.

In other news, I thought I had until the end of term to finish this baby gift, but the baby shower is tomorrow. I have to knit up a 25g ball of yarn, and right now? I still have 23g left to go! Truth be told, there is no definite deadline, but I’d like to give in my gift at the same time as the others.

In short, I’d better get a move on.