Review: Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash

Hi everyone!
For my birthday a few months back, I treated myself to some stuff from Jolse. Initially, the total was about £50 but I common-sensed it down to about £30. The power of rational thinking is my best weapon against impulse buying. The only thing it doesn’t work on is food… Anyway, I picked up another loose powder, repurchased my favourite Bbia gel liner in new shades and also this eyelash fixer.
I had heard some things about this eyelash primer/top coat product but it was Hoi Yin Li who finally convinced me to pop it onto my shopping list. She was totally right – this is am amazing product that really ups your lash game.
This product costs about $6.46 (£4.89) from the online store, Jolse. It takes two weeks for their orders to reach me in the UK from Korea, and it’s free shipping for all orders.
On the packaging, it states that Dr Mascara Fixer can be used underneath mascaras as a lash primer or over the lashes as a ‘top coat’. The fixer itself has a slightly milky silicone texture, which goes on smoothly and dries to hold the curl. It does stick a few lashes together sometimes so you may have to quickly brush out the lashes before the fixer sets for a fluffy look.
The greatest thing about it is that it really improved the performance of sub-par mascaras, particularly with improving curl-holding. I have an issue with volumising mascaras as my lashes cannot hold the curl with them, but this problem is pretty much eliminated with the addition of the Dr Mascara Fixer, for all the mascaras I have tried with it. I feel like it doesn’t make the mascara pop more in intensity, but it will improve longevity and reduce smudging a bit, used as a primer. After my ‘meh’ review of the Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara, I am now using it up but only with this primer!
I’ve found that it can pick up a little too much product at times, so I try to scrape off a lot or just to work quickly. It also dries quite stiffly which makes my lashes feel quite different. It does work on the lower lashes as well. However, I didn’t like to use it on its own or as a top coat layer as it does not dry completely clear, with a bit of milky whiteness that tones down my lash colour or the black pigment of my mascara.
When I used this as a top coat and attempted another coat of mascara on top, it mostly caused my lashes to stick together to form the clumpy, spidery effect. So it really only works best with one layer underneath your preferred mascara.
I really love this and I’m sure I’ll buy backups for the future, which won’t be expensive either. Etude House has some real gems in their collection – last year I gifted a bunch of their Proof 10 eye primer out to my friends and it looks like this year I’ll be doing the same with this!
Have you tried any lash primers before?

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Reviews: Simple’s Revitalising Eye Roll On, Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream

A few weeks ago I reviewed Superdrugs Naturally Radiant Eye Cream, and I wasn’t very impressed. I know I need to improve my sleeping routine for a start, but I need something that improves my eye bags, even just a little bit.

This Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On was on sale at Superdrug for just under £3 compared to its usual £4.99 so I picked it up to try. (I was actually only there to buy some lip liners but this one Superdrug store had completely run out of the ones I had researched so thoroughly to decide on buying. Honestly.)

I really like rollerball applicators as they’re always cool and wake me up a bit in the morning.

I also recently bought Boots’ Vitamin E Eye Cream to try as well, mostly because it is one of the few eye creams I have spotted with SPF, and is really quite affordable at £2.54.

 What I like about these eye creams is that they’re not just eye creams – they have something extra, the Simple one has the rollerball and the Boots one has SPF – both of which I am grateful for and what pushed me to buy them in the first place. When an eye cream is just an eye cream I probably won’t be able to see the difference, which may have been my problem with Superdrug’s cream.

Reviews: Collection Lip Butter and Eye Shadow Pencil

There was a 2 for £5 offer for selected Collection products at Boots so I picked up these two pretties.

The shiny text on the packaging doesn’t photograph well…
Only slightly used!



Work the Colour Lip Butter In Perfect Plum – ‘Vintage Rose’ seems to be the blogger’s shade pick from this range but I was more attracted to the deeper berry, warm purple of Perfect Plum. Normally this is £2.99.
For the price, I was not expecting much – certainly not lasting power, but just enough to last a 5-hour work shift without much fading.

When applying, I was surprised by how well the pencil glided onto the lips. It’s literally like butter – very slick and quick. It feels very light, creamy and moisturising on the lips. The pigmentation of the colour is also very good for the price, and it appears on my lips with a lovely sheen that’s not too glossy.

In terms of lasting power (I am typing this after my aforementioned 5-hour work shift) the colour does fade, mostly on the inside of the lip, over time. However, my lips still looked quite bold enough not to look strange. The lip butter didn’t begin to dry out until about 3.5 hours into my shift, again, most of the dryness was in the middle of my lips where the colour had faded too. It definitely didn’t last through my lunch (a chicken salad) and I was left with an outer line on my lips. As for removability, all it needs is a makeup wipe.

I also picked up the Eye Shadow Pencil in Vintage Blush – a very light, shimmery pink, although when swatched it takes on my yellow undertone so it’s more of a rose gold.

This has been a bit higher on the to-buy list after a hand-swatch survived a work shift and walk home, as well as a shower, as it is waterproof – it took a bit of rubbing to take it off. If I had an eye make-up remover it would probably suffice just fine, but without it, it is not too hard to take off.

The shade is brighter and pinker than my skin tone so a swipe over my lids does a lot to brighten my eyes a bit. Plus it does last. However, It doesn’t glide on to my lids that well and I have to apply a bit of pressure which isn’t ideal for the eyes.

Overall, I am really quite pleased with these buys, especially the lip butter. I know a Matt variation was released a while ago and I am hoping to pick up one or two of those too!


Edit 2016

Hi everyone, I was just wearing this earlier and I thought that now I’ve owned these for over a year now, I should add some more opinions on these products.

I tend to prefer more long wearing, all-day lip products these days so I haven’t been reaching for the Lip Butter all that often. In particular, the Revlon Balm Stain in Crush is very similar, less slick with a deeper shade but it stains and really lasts. I’ve also noticed that the colour appears slightly patchy when applied but this isn’t very noticeable with the gloss.

As the lip butter is so soft, the pointed crayon shape it’s sold in goes blunt very fast and this can make it difficult to apply precisely later on, especially with the pigmentation of the colour. Another point of it being soft is that it wears down quickly. Compared to the Matt Lip Butter which isn’t as soft, I have less than an inch of product left on this so I am hoping to use it all up soon!

The silver writing on the packaging is also pretty much all gone.

As for the eye crayon, I haven’t been reaching for it all that much in favour of foiled shades in my eye palettes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even sharpened it at all since I have bought it. The main reason is probably that it isn’t soft, and I have to press it onto my eyelids, which goes against the product claim of being soft.

With a primer this wears fine but without, it will eventually crease on my oily eyelids. The creasing isn’t that noticeable due to my eyelid type so you can’t see it, but it might be an issue for you.

As you can see, my standards are a bit higher now I know a bit more of my way around makeup. I hope this update was useful for you too.