Free Graze snack box! (Review and code)

(Scroll down for a friendcode for a free box, as well as your 5th and 10th if you decide to continue your orders! You have to give payment details but it’s really easy to stop orders if you want to.)

(Disclaimer: I was not paid or anything. I just ordered my free box and I’m giving an honest review of my experience.)

Graze are a snack company that deliver healthy snacks (although they have a treat range too) to your door. They are often doing ‘free first box’ deals, and whilst I know that we should always be cautious of online deals (my dad got duped once), my curiosity got the better of me and I ordered my free box (I am a sucker for freebies). I ordered it on Wednesday, they packaged it and sent it off on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday… so, pretty quick!

(Sorry, US residents, but as far as I know they deliver nationwide in the UK only!)

The boxes are conveniently letter-box sized so that they are delivered with your post. I chose to order a ‘light box‘, where all the snacks chosen are under 150 calories… surprisingly, the selection was still big.

The snacks they send are usually a random selection based on your ‘try’, ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘bin’ ratings. All the snacks are set to ‘try’ by default (you shouldn’t be picky with things you’ve never tried) but if there’s something you really really despise then you can ‘bin’ it, but if you want it in your next box there’s an extra ‘send soon’ tick box!

In my free box, I received the Banana/Hazelnut Bread with their Afternoon Tea Infusion (a tea bag) , the Veggie Sushi Plate, the Rhubarb and Custard and the Roasted Pistachio Nuts. They’re not all what they say in the titles but the graze website does list the things in each mini-box in full so you know it’s not real custard or salmon sashimi.

I can tell you all now, that as I type, three out of four snacks have been demolished and I am munching on my sushi plate. I’m the sort of person who eats almost everything, so the format of these boxes with the surprises and the healthiness is my thing. Unfortunately, my sister can’t eat half of the available snacks because of her specific nut allergies, so if you also have nut allergies you’ll probably want to avoid these snacks.

At full price, this is £3.99. Graze also do loyalty offers and things that make it even more affordable than it already is. Plus we ran out of snacks at home so the free delivery to your home makes it very convenient. I will probably be buying from Graze again, just not that often, and only when I need to or feel like trying something new.


P.S. I have two kinds of codes available. One is the reward code, for 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free (this brings down the price to around 2.79 per box if you buy 10 boxes!). Here’s a special link with the code:
(I get a reward for this one, so it’s win-win.)

The second code is for a £5 voucher. This pays for your first box and about £1 of your next, or just £5 off a sharing box (worth £15). I don’t get a reward for this one but it might be more convenient for some of you. Plus I have only two of these and it’s only valid for 1 person at a time. If you’d like this one, email me here: and I’ll reply with the code. It’s first come, first serve.
P.P.S. Remember to stop your orders if you only want the one free box, or payment will be taken for the next one!!!

Weekly Thoughts #5

I’ve been busy pretending to be an adult.

  1. I got a summer job! This makes me feel all grown up… Hooray! I will be fitting shoes at a Clarks store over the summer, when all the kids come in to get their new school shoes – it’s going to be chaos, especially as ‘uniform’ is all black. Me wearing black in summer is not unheard of, but working in a crowded store too? I’m going to overheat. All the same, I am looking forward to earning some extra money this summer and potentially becoming a year-round part-timer as opposed to just in the summer.
  2. I’ve opened my first bank account as well. I guess the idea of going to a bank can be quite intimidating at first, but the staff are really lovely and helpful in all the ones I’ve been to in the last few days (apart from that one lady in that one bank who looked a bit suspicious of us). There was a particular bank I wanted to open an account with, but they’re a popular choice so every branch I visited was booked up for appointments until next week – when I wanted one this week. Walked to another bank’s branch, however, and they were able to fit me in the next morning – the only reason they couldn’t get me in on the day was that the manager happened not to be in!
  3. I am thinking of all the online shopping I could do once the card arrives… This is a bad sign.
  4. I opened up the Pocky Panda! I have been waiting – It’s one of the last few Birthday Box treats left. I love Pocky and I love pandas, so this made me all excited. The biscuit is chocolate-flavoured and the outer coating is milk with chocolate bits to create a speckled effect… I’m in love.
    Packaging is so, so cute!

  1. I still have this horrendous backlog of posts that still need to be edited and posted. This week has mostly been spent away from the computer so I haven’t been able to get much blog work done. My weekend is mostly free, though, so hopefully I can get all my work scheduled and done. I always fall into the trap of thinking that blogging is something that will only take an hour, when in reality it takes about three or four scattered over several nights…

A summer job sounds like hard work, but I’m looking forward to it, anyway.


Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Vanilla

(I’m referencing one of f(x)s early album tracks for their Nu ABO EP.)

I’m actually usually cautious when opening up something from the Birthday Box, because sometimes they have packaging that can’t be resealed or something. I opened these sooner than I would have because I had the sneaking suspicion that they were individually wrapped, and therefore I wouldn’t eat them all in one go anyway. They were. The big text in Japanese katakana on the outer packet reads ‘mini soft cream (mini sofuto kuri-mu)’. This is misleading, as they’re hard candies shaped like ice-cream and taste like the classic neapolitan three flavours of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. I hoped that, at the very least, they would be gummy candies.   A part of me rejects the idea of chocolate-flavoured hard candy, after having found so much comfort in soft, melty, regular chocolate.      I prefer the word ‘candy’ to sweets. I guess you could say the word ‘candy’ sounds ‘sweeter’ to me! (Sorry, but not sorry.) As you can see, I’m still trying to improve the blog photography. I have no white surface besides the windowsill, which means shoving all of my skincare and makeup products to one side whilst trying to get a nice angled shot.

In the entire packet I got only one strawberry flavoured candy, and I opened it up for the sake of photography. It tasted good.

To finish off, here is more Ice Cream themed K-pop… ‘Ice Cream Cake’ by Red Velvet, from the same label as f(x).


Thoughts of the Week.

The one time I leave posting for a week and a bunch of things happen.

  1. This Friday has definitely not been good for my soul. We are slowly easing into the exam period through EMPA papers and looming deadlines. Did I mention it’s May? My first official timetabled exam is in less than a week. Scream.
  2. If there’s anything I should do more often, it’s moisturize myself from head to toe after a shower. I am going to work my way through all of those gifted shower cream and lotion gift sets, because they were made for self-pampering so I shall self-pamper. I smell of white musk, cocoa butter and lemon right now!
  3. I suddenly picked up my skincare routine again – you know, the one I never ever stick to- and it has accidentally broken another of my bad habits: touching my face all of the time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone; When my face has been treated with cleanser, exfoliator, toner, multi-step acne treatments and lots of moisturizer, I don’t like to ruin all the work by rubbing my bacteria-laden fingers all over my face. That and I don’t like doing it anymore because my skin feels a bit different, not sure how to explain it. Hand sanitizer also helps for when I let my guard down.
  4. Occasionally I get emails from Pinterest, Tumblr and WordPress about weekly updates or interesting things I might like to look at. Pinterest popped one in the inbox about ‘Workspaces’, featuring boards like this one.
    I looked around at my ‘workspace’. Considering the mess, I’m not sure it even is a space. A big declutter and major tidy is in order.
  5. Anyway, I opened up another interesting looking product from the Birthday Box… It’s some sort of candy bento box. All the separate components come in sachets of powder, which you put into moulds and add water to. Making the snack requires skill in itself…
    IMG_2302In my defense, all the instructions were in Japanese.
  6. I frogged Saroyawn before I could regret it. There aren’t many patterns out there that I feel really accentuate solid yarns. Then I had a bingo moment.
    I think this cotton was meant to be a really long, shallow, sideways-triangle linen stitch scarf. I swatched in the dead of night yesterday due to inability to sleep, with the basis of this pattern.
  7. If you saw the weird looking link-post from a few days ago, that was because I joined, which is useful because, being a WordPress blog, I can only keep track of WordPress blogs and there are lots of cool blogs on other platforms which I lose track of. Bloglovin lets me keep up with almost all of them, which is great! (It also lets non-Wordpress Readers keep track of this one. I’ll be adding a button to my homepage in a bit. Follow me!)
  8. That being said, I’m scrolling through all of these blogs with names which kind of correspond to what their blog is about. When I first started this blog earlier this year I mentioned that I had absolutely no ideas for blog names, and I still don’t.
    I just need to think of the right one. Although I feel that anything that sounds remotely light and princess-girly will have to call for a theme change, too, as right now its very decidedly not. On the other hand, I don’t want a sunshine-and-roses blog – it goes against its very essence – more like ‘lighting up tunnels’, really.
  9. Speaking of names, the newborn British Princess has been named HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. Charlotte was one of the most popular names for bets – I read that one person won £1400 after betting £400!

A special good luck to Art Students like myself who are in utter panic.


Wait, I need to frame this essay

A small achievement was made this week – I got a high score on a particular section of my Psychology Mock Paper. It was the section that I had revised most on, which is giving me signs of hope – the work I actually do is paying off. It seems like such a small thing but I want to frame this essay for display, and when I think of this glorious 8/10 on the essay question I grin like a happy bubble- it’s embarrassing but I can’t help it! (Even when I found out later that there were people who scored 10/10 on that question, nothing could shake my mood, which was surprising for me.)

To celebrate, I opened up another product from the Birthday Sweet Box – Green Tea Kit Kats! The taste is a bit heavy on white chocolate vibes but it’s very distinct. It’s a shame the bars were so small – plus I was feeling generous and gave half to Twerp.


I haven’t done much knitting, but I have been working on a Chinese Waves Dishcloth (link to Rav page). I love the pattern, and the project itself is being stored in my fab new knitting bag from my last post.

I’m working it in when I can, but if I can barely do a dishcloth then when is Saroyawn ever going to be finished??
That aside, squishing yarn has been my calming force recently, so I am thinking of making a small toy out of a soft-ish yarn and stuffing it, making it very squishable.

Kim Ye Rim (or Lim Kim) of Togeworl is releasing a new mini-album this week, called ‘Simple Mind‘, which drops on the 27th. She released the MV for the pre-release track, ‘Awoo’. The MV channels cat vibes in very subtle, but clear ways, and a fresh and funky style. It highlights the weirder side of the cat life. Check it out!

This is my favourite study playlist on 8tracks right now- Study Your Little [Heart] Out (link to mix) by Popping Candy. Many others I have looked at feature all sorts of instrumentals but I prefer calmer playlists like this one, even if it’s only an hour and a half long. I’m in the middle of compiling my own calm playlist, so watch out for that!

To top things off, at some point this week I passed 100 likes on this blog. Whilst another small achievement, I am really very honored.
Thank you, dear readers… I hope you’ll all stick around for a long time to come!



There was a knitting post scheduled for today, but that’s been put to one side because I made pancakes, which overrides everything considering how rarely I make them.

The photo below should demonstrate why pancakes are a rare sight in the household (as is any form of me cooking anything other than scrambled egg). I think it’s from last October.

Batter was far too thick. What was I thinking. They were barely, if at all, edible.

However, today they turned out almost pretty much perfect.

Photos courtesy of Twerp. I was busy making sure none of them got too badly burnt.
Photos courtesy of Twerp. I was busy making sure none of them got too badly burnt.
  •  I mean, the fire alarm went off, but it always goes off when something is being fried. Our fire alarm is literally right next to the kitchen door, waiting for the toast to turn brown.
  • I also forgot to turn the vent on and open a window, which is essential.
  • I also put in far too much milk so I had to put in another egg and more flour, which turned out to be a good thing.
  • I made less of a mess. Success.
  • I set one of my pancakes on fire. I lifted the pan to put the pancake on the plate and it kind of slid off. I sorted it out though… and it was still edible, but it had charred edges. Pancakes don’t seem to be very flammable, fortunately.

Dad thought there was too much batter, and therefore too much for us to eat, but let’s be honest here… I made a total of 12 (not counting the two I snacked on whilst cooking the rest), which makes four each for myself, plus my younger siblings Twerp (previously mentioned on this blog as K) and Derp.
Still not enough, in my humble opinion.
Look at them! I have renewed my faith in my cooking skills!
Next time, meringue with the dodgy oven.


Fiesta-Worthy Food

Last Saturday, some family friends came around to hang out with my parents. They left us with our Sunday evening sorted – eating out together. I’ve finally gotten the photos and things together in one place, so this post can finally go up!

The eight of us went to Fiesta Del Asado, an Argentine restaurant in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Here is their menu.
They gave us a plate of bread, vinegary olive oil and slightly spicy olives to make the wait more bearable. My brother, who hates olives, liked their olives. They were really nice olives.

My parents were mostly there for the steaks and ordered a Bife de Costilla (the largest steak) to share, but Dad cooks enough steaks at home that I knew that I wasn’t going to order it. Mom did give me a piece to try, though, and I liked it.

Bife de Costilla
Bife de Costilla

Instead, I ordered an Esternado de Ternera: cubed brisket braised for 12 hours in a malbec and salchicon sauce, served with crisp potato and corn. Reading that off the menu, I ordered on the basis of what I knew – ‘cubed brisket braised’.

Esternado de Ternera

It looked like a bowl of beef stew.
It was potentially the best beef stew I’d ever had. The meat is really tender and goes really well with the sauce. If it weren’t for the fact that I was at a restaurant I would’ve licked the bowls and plates clean.

The desserts…

Homemade Honey Ice Cream.

The last scoop of ice cream ended up being shared out between by siblings because it was quite rich – enough for two scoops, but having a third gave me an unsettled feeling. However, it is amazing ice cream – you know I love home-made ice creams!

Churros with a bit of Heavy Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce.
Churros with a bit of Heavy Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

I mostly took photos of food (using Mom’s new phone, because the camera on it is amazing!!) , but I look back and wish that I’d taken more of the decor. Their serving plates are really nice too…

The staff that served us were really helpful – they know their dishes inside out, made sure to check our allergy requirements and cleared any potentially-offending dishes with my sister before they made her food, as she has a mild nut allergy.
Also, any dropped cutlery was replaced really quickly. I thought that was nice of them. At most places I’ve been to, the staff never notice. It’s like that time when I got excited over lime in tap water.

To round off this post, a photo of the fries which get a special mention for being surprisingly, mindblowingly, amazing. The potato had a strange sweetness that was perfectly balanced with the general savoury flavour of… fries. (I’m sure I was going somewhere with that sentence.)
We ordered five bowls to share among ourselves, but we should’ve ordered more!


Chips, glorious chips…