A Peek at my Skincare Diary #1: Short and Sweet

Gasp! A Saturday post? Yeah, I forgot to schedule some new posts whilst I was panicking over an essay. I have some time to get some posts up and scheduled now, though, so you all have something to read while I am contemplating the inner workings of the mind for my degree!

I initially planned to start this series two months ago, around the time of year I share my skincare wardrobe. Instead of presenting it all as a giant wardrobe last year, I thought it would be interesting to keep a diary and record what I was using on a day-to-day basis. But then I suddenly stopped taking care of my skin, going nights without bothering with a moisturiser, although I could never forgo my thick layer of lip balm. But it meant I stopped keeping track of my skin using my diary, too.

So very slowly, I’ve been reintroducing my skincare routine based on what I am feeling. I’m not sure how long it will last seeing as my exams are really quite fast approaching and I habitually tend to wreck my sleeping and skincare around that time…

But anyway, here’s what I have been reaching for when I actually did bother with basic self-care.


Dr Organic Hemp Oil Lip Serum

After using this in the morning for at least a year now, I think I am finally using up the last of it! This has an oily but also gel-like texture that’s quite unusual, but I do like it as I want something thin that won’t interfere with my lipstick. It’s only £2.49 from Holland and Barratt, too. I wear it in the morning as soon as I have washed my face, and it stays on mostly until I get to the lipstick stage, when I press it off a bit with the back of my hand before applying lipstick. Of course, the smell will take some getting used to if you’ve never used hemp before – it can be a little unpleasant.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion

I think this is actually the first emulsion type product I have tried, and I really like it. It’s most similar to the Western ‘lotion’ although not quite the same thing to me. It’s basically a light moisturiser and sinks in super well which is great in the mornings when I need to layer sunscreen and makeup on top without pilling but also don’t want my skin to be too dry.

I’ve been meaning to write a full review for ages but now I realise there’s not much to say! I’ve been using this for months and I’m only halfway through the bottle, but I will finish this up. I probably won’t repurchase it in favour of something with more ‘wow’ to it.

Kose Suncut Aqualy UV Protect Gel SPF50+ PA++++|Full Review Here

Something about this sunscreen texture is super pleasant so I never shy from reaching for this. It also works really nicely under makeup without pilling which I am very grateful for. However, if oil is a major problem for you then this might not be the best option at all. I really liked using this over the last winter (I just… accepted my oiliness haha) although admittedly I didn’t wear sunscreen every day… I’ll look at other options because I’m a blogger, after all, but this will definitely be repurchased in the future. It’s been over a year of sporadic use and I’m finally getting to the last quarter of the bottle.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser| Review Here

A very gentle and pleasant cleanser! For days of light makeup only. It will also make a good attempt at non-waterproof mascaras without stinging the eyes at all which is a nice bonus, and the rose smell is lovely. I actually don’t have many rose-scented products – for some reason the M&S body product sets that haunted my childhood come to mind – but maybe that can change! My only gripe is the price for the amount but honestly, for this lovely of a cleanser, I would not mind repurchasing it anyway.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream

Again, this eye cream actually isn’t anything special. But I’m twenty and only looking for a standard eye cream that isn’t too rich or too thin, and it doesn’t need to have anti-ageing ingredients at this stage. This is actually the perfect consistency – sort of buttery but not greasy at all – and the scent is actually quite minimal. All that means this is super pleasant to use for me and I’d happily buy it to use again. I’ve almost reached the bottom of my tub which means I need to stop buying new emulsions and essences and buy a new eye cream!! Any suggestions for products with a similar consistency?

COSRX AHA Whitehead Power Liquid

As I often lost track of my routine I have erred on the safe side and avoided my acids. I’m trying to reintroduce it starting weekly but even that is kind of a struggle at the moment! Besides the slightly funky smell which I am sort of used to now, there’s not much to say thus far.

Lanolips 101 Ointment|Review here

Dr Pawpaw Original Balm|Review here

One of my favourite combinations recently. I like to use a thin layer of Lanolips before applying a thick layer of Dr PawPaw, which makes my lips super soft in the morning and easy to exfoliate or even just wipe away the dead skin after morning cleansing. Both are slightly pricier options for lip balm and the PawPaw I feel could easily be replaced with Vaseline or Carmex. As you can see, I currently prefer products in tubes, even over stick-type products.

Overall, this routine takes less than ten minutes out of my morning and evening, and hopefully I can build it up a bit more over the next few months without going too heavy as the summer approaches.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of skincare and hopefully, as this project develops, we’ll be able to see how my skincare routine evolves and adapts to change to all the seasons!

Until next time,


Review: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Cloud Paint in Dusk

Ah, Glossier. With the effortless-cool-girl target audience (which is everyone. I mean, I’m not cool but I sure as hell want to be as cool as all of you), dare I day ‘millennial’ relatability and minimal aesthetic, they’ve become another new hip brand on everyone’s radar.

I shied away from buying any of their products, though, because I felt that many of their items were designed with those in mind who are practically flawless and don’t need much help. It would be great if all I needed in life was a sheer something. Rational thinking says no to the entire brand, but the marketing was successful at making me put the whole brand on my wishlist. It makes me feel a little… petty. I felt biased against the brand before I even tried anything from them.

That said, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the praise surrounding it was the one thing that made me cave in during their Black Friday promo. I could have picked up more items, but I was still a bit unsure.

It’s a cruelty-free gel cleanser costing £15 for 177ml (£8.47 per 100ml) which is really expensive compared to my current go-to, the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk which is £8.00 for 350ml (£2.29 per 100ml)!!! I’ve only been using it as I feel like it but I feel the bottle is depleting so fast and with regular use I’m not even sure it would last me a full month.

The packaging is minimal, of course, and it looks very cool on my desk. It has a rose scent that isn’t strong at all and the gel texture is really pleasant to use in the morning to wash the skincare residue off. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all after cleansing.

I was only expecting a decent morning cleanser from this or a second cleanser type product. I was not looking for a heavy duty cleanser that could erase my toughest makeup. Due to my oily skin, most makeup becomes so slippy, it can be wiped off at the end of the day anyway. However, it managed to take off that makeup quite well (a test-swipe with cotton showed nothing at all).

It even took off my non-waterproof mascara without stinging my eyes. My Soap and Glory cleanser does sting my eyes so this is where the Milky Jelly Cleanser comes out on top for me. I may just be tempted to repurchase this… sometime in the future.

My friend Q and I (look, we talk about makeup and money a lot, okay?) (I mention her a lot but I’m almost certain she’s one of the friends that don’t read this blog lol) were having a lengthy chat about this Glossier sale and she let me try out her Cloud Paint in Dusk. She said she didn’t use it a lot, though, and that it worked better when applied with a stippling brush. I thought that was curious because I heard all of Glossier’s products are supposed to be finger-friendly.


My first attempt at using it confirmed all my fears about the brand. The blush is lovely, sheer and so natural looking but it disappeared in my oily mess of a face in about two hours. In my second try with it, it lasted 4 hours, although it is winter at the moment, so I’m not sure it would hold up in the summer at all.

I have to be careful that I don’t dab it into nothing, too. Overall, it was a little disappointing.



TL;DR the Milky Jelly Cleanser I like, the Cloud Paint, not so much.

What do you think of Glossier?

Until next time,


Days since I last bought a lipstick: 31
Lipstick last worn: Lancome 06 Rose Nu