Reflection: Mock My Week.

(Featuring sheet masks and insta-crafting.)

Mock exams are a roller-coaster of emotions. Psychology was fine other than that I didn’t write enough,  and didn’t know my arguments well enough to write more. I know full well I am capable of at least two sides of writing for topics I definitely get,  but for now I’m not at that stage and there’s still plenty of time before the real exam.

Biology was a disaster. I know my theory well enough but my application is horrendous and I am being nice to myself when I say that!

General Studies is impossible to revise for,  but I think I did fairly well on that.
Now I have three days to revise for Chemistry and I’m feeling good about it right now.

As if out of spite, my lamp broke.  Just as I was about to settle in for the night.  I turned it on and it just…  Popped. Sparks and everything.


That little sphere by my laptop is the bulb that fell.

So, since I really needed it, I treated myself last night to one of the Etude House Masks from my 20Pc set: Damask Rose. Here’s a sweet and snappy review…

It really does smell of roses, and reminds me of the rose hand creams from M&S. I really like the designs on the packaging and this rosy one is ultra pretty. This one is a fairly simple moisturising mask and the scent is really noticeable when you first take it from the sachet. There’s lots of clear essence left over.
I think the fit was a little strange but I think I put it on my face a little too much to the right. I struggle to get positioning right with masks, anyway.


I’m not good at smiling in a sheet mask, and yes, that is an Adventure Time T-Shirt. I am also not really that… yellow. It’s the bedroom lighting. 

As another form of relaxation I picked up my knitting again, and finished a facecloth. The motivation for it was purely that I am totally into skincare now and need more facecloths to rotate. I have knitted all of mine (three) thus far.

That one got finished quickly after a few hours, so I was in need of something else, but I had run out of the cotton that I keep specially for washcloths. So instead, I decided I needed a headband to keep the hair from my face when I cleanse and do my skincare routine. I did have one previously, but ended up giving it away, and I already had a second on hold from last year…

(That photo has 54 likes as I type. It’s an instagram record. *cries with pride*)

I’m trying to figure out how to embed so the instagram images align in the centre but it seems WP doesn’t do this. Sigh.

If you are an A-Level student, how are your mock exams going? What are you doing to relax?

Until next time,



The Things I Have Done Instead of Hibernation.

I am still strangely content with the progression of life and things right now. How strange is that?

It’s true that I am tired, though. We are approaching the end of term and right now we all just want to hibernate until Mock Exams are over or something. But despite those exams looming I don’t feel anywhere near as overwhelmed as I did last year. I still haven’t rediscovered the feeling of focus, but nowadays I can just sit down and do work, as long as I force myself to start it, and I won’t feel dead inside or anything, which is a key difference from last year.

Another thing is that, whilst I’m still making time for (not having time is no excuse) and working on my hobbies, they’re cutting less into my work time. How should I say it… I’m doing less of it as procrastination and that’s good.

Recently I picked up the graphics tablet again and did various spots of practice because it has just been that long since I tried digital drawing. Trying again now is like doing it as if I’m a fresh beginner, with the skills I’ve developed last year. I usually post a lot of my work on Instagram first (@swanzig_x) so have a look if you’d like to see what I’ve been working on.

That being said, I’ve abandoned my knitting and I think something needs to be done about it. I’ll probably pick it up as therapy for the oncoming Mocks. It’s never a bad thing to have too many hobbies, because there’s a time and place for all of them, and I don’t consider any of them to be unproductive. Even watching anime series, that’s like writing research, really.

Speaking of anime series, I have been watching one during school lunches for the last two weeks, and just finished the first season this morning. Darker Than Black is by no means new, having first been aired in 2007, but if you love Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan or anime with such themes as exploring two worlds in the same place, then this one is one to watch. It’s slow going at first as you get your head around the setting and characters, but once it gets going it’s surprisingly gripping. I am debating starting the second season, but I am really quite happy with how the first one ended so I might just stop there so I can revert to my studying self. Then again, it might just carry me though my lunchtime sessions next term. We’ll see.

Lastly, I have made it into one of the school teams for archery! I have no idea what this means in terms of competing and things but  this is exciting nonetheless. Better late than never, considering that this is my last school year and therefore my last chance to be in a school team anyway since my school year ends earlier too!

We recently had a go at shooting balloons, which was loads of fun. I was on a roll during that session, and shot the most, haha!

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Inktober 2015: 21-31

[Trigger warning: gore] -ish. I personally think you have to be really squeamish to be afraid of my drawings…

Well, this is very, very late, but here we are at the final installment of Inktober posts. Honestly? I completely forgot about this ever happening. I did finish like 5 drawing in one day with half an hour left to go, but as soon as I was done I fell asleep, and the next day? I started NaNoWriMo.

Inktober was a very big challenge for me to take on over the course of the month, and I am very happy just to have completed it this year. Most of the challenge came from generating new ideas from nowhere and finding the time to complete it. I really wish I could make enough time to bring out all my effort into my drawings without sacrificing the time I need for studying. I doubt that it will get any easier to do, but I hope I will actually remember to do Inktober next year on top of starting university!


Inktober Weekly Round Up #1: Days 1-10

I may have mentioned in passing that I’m taking part in Inktober 2015, which is a social media hashtag project thing in which artists everywhere draw an ink piece once a day. This could be a doodle or a huge thing depending on time constraints, and in biro, india ink, pen or brush, whatever, but pencil is outlawed unless it’s for the outlining/under-sketch-thing. Ink is a very bold and versatile medium and definitely requires its own set of skills that I need to work on.

Even if you don’t have instagram, search up #inktober2015 wherever you can hashtag things, because some of the works people so are absolutely stunning. It’s a good way to find amazing inkers for inspiration.

Anyways, this weekly round up is really late as I did run behind on the drawings themselves…

If there’s anything I have learnt so far, it’s that I don’t have a specific style. I can draw chibi figures and semi-realistic faces, and my ‘style’ takes a lot of influence from the large variety of manga out there. Basically, my definition of manga drawing has broadened as I’ve read through series like Assassination Classroom (close, but with a sort of twist that makes it different) and Claymore, both having a manga feel but definitely not the style you are likely to see almost everywhere. Now my drawing style kind of reflects that variety.

Speaking of which, there’s an Anime Club at my school now, and we watched the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club. I love the manga series, and the anime, whilst it doesn’t quite follow the same plot, is just as entertaining. I haven’t watched the anime since possibly two years ago, so watching it with my friends was a new experience. As in, I almost choked on my lunch because I was so excited! A surprising number of people came to the club and filled the classroom, and although it was a teeny bit chatty (but we all shushed each other), everyone else laughed at the right places and.. it was fun. We’ll probably be regulars now.

Until next time,