Lipsticks in Rotation|April-July 2018

Hi everyone!

As you might be able to tell, this post was originally scheduled for the end of April, which quickly flew by as I had lots of university things to do. On top of that, I was very bored with my lipstick choices afterwards so this is essentially a catch-up in lipsticks, too. However, I’ve now gone through half the year without buying a single new lipstick, so yay!

Starting a Year-Long Lipstick No-Buy

Lipsticks in Rotation – January 2018

Lipsticks in Rotation – February 2018

Lipsticks in Rotation – March 2018


New Item: NYX Butter Gloss Intense in Chocolate Crepe

I’ve been wearing this a heck of a lot recently. Of all the days I wore lipstick this month, I was likely wearing this for over half those days. The shade is my favourite type, a medium nude and it’s refreshing to be able to wear it all day without it drying my lips. It’s thick but not too thick and still delivers a lovely shine whilst lasting surprisingly well.

New Item: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

In contrast, this was a bit of a disappointment. It settled into my lip lines and was overall just underwhelming considering how well-loved this range is. I much preferred the Liquid Suedes which definitely felt like a better and improved version. However, I do love this shade – a muted pink which is super nice for spring.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Nouveau Vogue (mini)

Considering that my Bourjois Nude-ist is running out, this is actually a very acceptable stand-in for a cooler pink. It has a bit of mauve to it that makes it wearable on me but still not a nude at all. It’s girly yet totally cool. This is the nutcracker edition mini packaging, I think.

Nars Velvet Satin Lip Pencil in Yu (mini)

I underestimated just how bright this is. It’s also super blue toned and I haven’t worn this kind of shade since perhaps last year. At the moment, I think it looks very odd on my skintone so have only really worn it once this month! It’s a popular and raved about shade that I have seen a lot in the blogosphere but I don’t think it’s for me.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Scrooge | Review here

I adore this colour. Like Rose Lancome from last month, this is a shade of pink that seems to brighten up my complexion and also my day. Not to mention this formula lasts all day without fail. If you leave these tubes lying around still too much though, the formula tends to separate and look a little less lively, but otherwise, it is still completely useable.

Mamonde Color Balm Intense in #16 Velvet Red | Review here

I do love this shade – that kind of muted red that is really flattering on me. Is it just me or are pencil type lipsticks essentially the same as normal lipsticks? Especially after they are worn down. The packaging on them also generally looks less appealing too for not that many positives over a bullet. Due to the matte formula I’ve still been reaching for my lip brush to tidy the edges after applying this pencil type product.


I knew I wouldn’t be out as much compared to previous months, so I scrapped my planned rotations completely. Instead, I made sure to reach for shades that I really wanted to use up at the moment. They all happen to be products I have featured on this blog before in previous rotations, too. Either way, I didn’t care all that much.

My tube of Lancome’s Rose Nu is pretty much finished unless I use a brush to scoop out the last remaining bits. Burberry’s Rosewood has been my go-to neutral choice for work although it does feel drying halfway into the working day. Clinique’s Cherry Pop has been the obvious choice for any fancier days out. I’ve not varied much in my lipsticks besides these.

So, now that we are nearing August I’ve actually re-sorted my rotations box and not forgotten about it so there will actually be a new post at the end of next month… But what I really want to ask right now is ‘what do you do when you’re bored with your current makeup?’ …That hopefully doesn’t include buying more! Especially in the summer when I’m barely wearing any and prefer a ‘lighter’ face, so to speak.

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Review: Sleek Metallic Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Roman Copper

Hi everyone!
When I decided to not buy any new lipsticks during 2018, I popped all of my fresh new lipsticks purchased in the sale into a box and stuffed it where it would be too much effort to take out. In fact, I popped every one of my new makeup purchases in there. Probably a good idea, because I’d otherwise end up with one too many open mascaras and other miscellaneous items.


But anyway, I was very tempted to open Sleek’s Metallic Matte Me Lip Cream in Roman Copper a bit earlier than planned, because from the online swatches I could see it was an unusual shade and wanted some time to experiment with it. I’d bought it in the Boxing Day Sale in a set with the infamous Solstice palette for half price! Normally the Metallic Matte Me Lip Creams cost £4.99 each.
The shade itself is a very pale… well, copper shade. I don’t know about you, but copper to me was always something like a reddish tone so, for anyone who thinks the same way, it’s a pale gold. It’s very shimmery so the yellow in this shade is not overpowering which I admit I may have been a little worried about.
It’s certainly not a shade I would ever wear alone. It’s a bit too pale for that. It can also apply a little patchy and in order to fully cover the lips, you would need to dip the brush back in the tube quite a few more times.
So some matte lipsticks, like Colourpop’s,  are also able to be wiped off at the end of the day even if they’re supposedly steadfast. This, however, won’t transfer at all or wipe off easily. It feels very light and stays on better than a super-sticky post-it note, and requires your special makeup remover for the most stubborn of your makeup.
Overall, this really isn’t for me. I’m surprised that they decided to include this in a Christmas gift set but it looks like it was included in the hopes people would buy it for the Solstice palette…
Would you ever wear this particular shade of lip?

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Days since I last bought lipstick: 77


Lipsticks in Rotation February 2018

Hi everyone!
Now that I’m in the second month of this no-buy challenge it feels much more exciting and doable. The idea was for these rotation posts to go out at the beginning of the month but in the end, they’re going out at the end of the month. It might be better that way as I get to add my new thoughts about my options as I go along. All my rotations for the year are already planned out although subject to change – it’s a lot of fun deciding on what to use for a certain month!
Starting this month I will also slowly make my way through the Box of Withheld Lipsticks, one a month. This box is full of the new lipsticks I bought on Boxing Day or received as presents that I decided not to open until an allotted time this year to keep me from feeling too deprived of new and shiny lip products. That too is already scheduled!
Sleek Metallic Matte Me Lip Cream in Roman Copper
This is a metallic lip cream in a light, super shimmery pale gold shade. This is a new item that was in my box of withheld treats. As expected, this is a really difficult colour to wear alone. It’s fun to experiment with but I can’t imagine myself repurchasing it or even using it at all so I also imagine I will destash it relatively quickly. A full review will be going up relatively soon so keep an eye out for that.
Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Cherry Pop (mini)| Review here
I got this free in a magazine a few years ago and wore it once or twice… and although I still love it, it needs use. I have two of these minis now, as well! It’s a luscious bright reddish pink with a fabulous shine that is not glossy and lasts really well.
I actually had to remove it from the rotation halfway into the month to prevent it becoming a month of wearing only this lipstick…

There were plenty of these sets of minis on sale throughout Boxing Day so I did buy one at the time and including the second Cherry Pop, I now have three new colours in my Box waiting to be opened later this year. Needless to say, I’m quite excited for those as I love the formula.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush|Review here
Like Bare It All last month, this was an off shade I wasn’t sure about as well as an apparent dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy. This is a pale nude shade which pulls ever so slightly peachy on me. It’s a little light to my liking but just enough for most people’s everyday nude and just shy of washing me out. Again, I like to layer this with a darker liner to adjust the colour, but otherwise, this is a comfortable everyday option.
Colour Ultra Matte Lip in Speed Dial
I’m not sure the peachy nude tone in this lipstick suits me sometimes but at one point I was wearing this daily, so I was hoping I would fall in love with this lipstick again. For me, the formula isn’t an issue as I love the Ultra Matte Lips and can withstand them although many have found them to be drying.
This month I just haven’t been reaching for it, so it was going to go in the Potential Destash box. However I discovered that it looks great on top of a dark berry lip liner like Rimmel’s 1000 Kisses in Black Tulip, resulting in an interesting shade that I’ll be happy to wear another time. Speed Dial is safe… for now.

With Flash
Revlon Balm Stain in Crush
This hits the spot between being bright, yet a wintery berry, yet not being too bold for everyday wear. It’s pretty much the perfect purple. It’s not completely opaque, and I did experiment it with lip liners but this balm stain is a bit too stiff for layering and ends up moving the liner pigment around. This alone is for gloss and springtime. It lasts really well, and yes, it stains.
Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu (mini)
I had this in last month’s rotation, too. It’s here again because I am very eager to finish it up in the first third of the year. I have no qualms about wearing it a lot, in fact I probably wore it for at least a third of January. When I am stuck for a casual colour, I reach for this.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Beau Brun| Review here
This is yet another colour that I use a lot and have a duplicate of, and I’m sure you all know how much I love this, seeing as the review is one of my most viewed. I have had my first bottle for a while now but it doesn’t show signs of running out so I am hoping to use this bottle up this year.

This month’s picks are a better spread of nudes and bright colours compared to last month. I have definitely been naturally reaching for more neutral tones recently
and wanted to enjoy more of my brighter options. Next month there are three lined up so I think the plan is to gradually bring back brights for the summer!

Until next time,


Lipsticks in Rotation – January 2018

Hi everyone!

In order to help me along with my goal of not buying any lipsticks this year, I, of course, have to shop my own stash a little. I wanted to wear more of the lipsticks down below and for some of them, also figure out if I like them enough against my other offerings before I decide to de-stash them. It’s also a fast chance to review ones I’ve never mentioned here before…

Without further ado, these are the lipsticks in rotation this month!

NARS Velvet Satin Lip Pencil – Rikugien (Mini)

This is sheer nude pink shimmer. I do like it, and it’s very pretty, but since I normally want noticeable colour, I just don’t reach for it a lot. I have a feeling this might be one of the first lipsticks to go but it might be worth experimenting with lip liners underneath. Maybe.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick – Bare It All

I actually quite like this for its rather long wear and cheap price (£2.99 on Amazon as an add-on item!). I bought this particular shade because it’s an apparent dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy and I wasn’t sure how that would suit me. The plastic packaging also quickly got shattered after that holiday to Vietnam in my travel bag. I didn’t even wear it there much after discovering how much they love reds over there!

I wouldn’t repurchase this colour as I think it’s just a smidgen too light for my personal taste (although it doesn’t wash me out), but I’d consider similar darker shade like In The Flesh another time. Or maybe I should look for similar shades in less breakable packaging… Or maybe I just shouldn’t travel with it!

My favourite way to wear this shade is actually with a layer of NYX’s Butter Gloss in Praline on top for a lovely glossy nude lip, which is why it has joined my rotation. It’s also great on top of a muted red liner like Rimmel’s 1000 Kisses in Spice or Kiko Smart lipliner 103.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate – 08

I like this but haven’t been reaching for it much recently. It’s a mauve nude with a satin finish. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it once it’s used up, though. Sometimes I also like to layer it with Rimmel’s 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Spice which is clearly my go-to to warm up a lip colour.

Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin – 04 Rosewood (mini, discontinued)

I LOVE this but haven’t been reaching for it much, probably as it’s so precious. It’s a brown with a hint of pink, and it’s not too sheer on me (unlike Rikugien) and can also be built up, making it a fabulous nude MLBB shade. In true Burberry fashion, even their casing and bullet are plaid patterned. I think this particular line of satin shades was discontinued, but from what I’ve seen of the Lip Velvet bullets, they still seem vaguely similar (they also have a Rosewood shade!) So I might check them out in future.

Lancome L’absolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu (mini)

I got this as a mini from my mom. In fact, I think this is the oldest lipstick of the lot and it shows as it has the biggest dent out of my stash. I am hoping to finally finish it up this month or next… This is a classy, rosy pink that isn’t super opaque but can be built up well. It has a satin finish and is so comfortable to wear. I’ve had no problem reaching for this daily, and I’m not a girl who wears the same lipstick two days in a row! In fact, if it weren’t for the rapid expansion of my lipstick stash it would probably have been finished all those years ago…

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick – Brown Sugar

This is a cool brown shade and is true to its name in that it’s super creamy. This actually hasn’t had more than a couple of wears since its review last year, so it simply needs a bit more love. I particularly wanted to try it out with different coloured lip liners, and I really like it over MaxFactor’s lipliner in Red Rush for that extra red tone. It’s quite opaque so I couldn’t apply too much and lose that tone, though.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Wild Nothing (limited edition)

This is a medium mauve toned lipstick that I find best described as a lighter version of the infamous Tulle shade from the original line of Ultra Matte lipsticks. It’s not the most flattering on me, though. This is another one that I want to experiment mixing with a coloured lipliner but Colourpop’s colours are so opaque I wonder if it would work. Maybe a lip topper? I’m not sure if this is still available on their site as it was from their Christmas collection in 2015.

I realised as I took swatch photos that all of these picks are neutrals in one way or another! Although Rose Nu is stretching it a bit towards the pink side, it’s still a great choice that suits anything. I think it just goes to show what a wide range of shades neutrals can encompass. On top of that, only two of these shades have separate reviews because beyond what I’ve said here, as I’ve not had much to say about these shades!

Fingers crossed I make a dent in these or finally decide which ones have to go…

Until next time,


Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Soft Spoken & Stone Fox

Hi everyone!

I remember the NYX launch being the most exciting last year along with Kat Von D and even now my sister has to stop me from stopping to gawk at their lip range when we are out. NYX is all over my Christmas Wish List, too!

I was not a fan of the Lip Lingerie range that they launched at the same time as these Suedes. It’s just not as pleasant and even from the get-go, it produced ‘cracks’ in my lips where you could see the gaps in product.

But yes, these Liquid Suedes I really, really like. NYX are sold at Debenhams and Boots and these cost £7.00 for 4ml.


There’s not much to say about the packaging – it’s very easy to tell which shade you’re reaching out for as the tube is the same colour as the shade. The doe foot applicator is relatively longer and flatter compared to other brands which might make it difficult for some to apply but personally, this presents no major problems.

The formula is definitely a creamy texture in that it is heavier than the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets which feel more like a mousse. They wear well, although I do need to reapply after three or four hours to avoid the dreaded lip cracks. The cracks are less noticeable in Soft Spoken but a shade like Stone Fox has to be checked on frequently. Thankfully they’re very nice to reapply and the packaging means I can chuck it in my pocket or bag and not worry about it.

For these arm swatches, I only applied one swipe! They’re really pigmented and opaque, even on the lips. They aren’t tight or drying at all, and instead of being fully matte they have a slight creamy sheen.


Soft Spoken is a medium-deep nude shade. Contrary to this swatch, it has more of a mauve tone. This is the best MLBB colour that I have for my lips, too. That with the lovely formula means I did reach for this a lot before my love of dark lipsticks returned. It’s a wonderful everyday shade for university.


Stone Fox, on the other hand, is lucky if I wear it once a year… It can be a appear a little patchy if I do my regular thing of scraping off excess, so I go in with a normal layer on top to really get that colour. It’s a hard colour to wear as it can accentuate any redness near the lip area as well as making the teeth look yellower.


Overall I really love these and especially Soft Spoken, which I am sure to buy again after I use it all up (it already feels quite light compared to Stone Fox, haha). NYX now have a Metallic Suede range which I am eyeing up as well.

What are your thoughts on NYX and the Liquid Suedes?

Until next time,


Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare


I own too many lipsticks so, as much as I am always mulling over my next purchase, these days I’ve been very good about only buying when necessary unless it’s a Lee Hi Collaboration that is available worldwide coughMACcough. So yes, I have only just gotten one of the very popular Kat Von D Everlasting range to try.
Just… Look. Look at this packaging. Tall, dark and handsome now applies to liquid lipsticks thanks to Kat Von D.
It retails for £17 for 6.6ml of product.
It has a very long tube and therefore a very long applicator which some people might not like as it offers less control over the application.
Double Dare is one of the more popular lipsticks from the line and is a muted coral. I love shades like Colourpop’s Bumble and Bourjois’ Beau Brun, but I have been looking for something just a little lighter, and this fits the bill.
Talking of Colourpop, I think the consistency of Double Dare is much lighter in general than Colourpop’s (which is hit and miss and can be both light and sometimes thick). It’s a hard-matte finish so you may find it drying, but it’s not uncomfortable in my opinion as it is so light on the lips. As is typical of this type of lipstick I’ve had it on for long days with barely a glance at the mirror unless I have eaten something greasy.
Overall, I really like this and would probably be willing to try out more shades in the future. Although there are some amazing unusual shades of green and blue I think at that price point I might stick to what I know will suit me!
Until next time,