Snap Reviews: Lip Creams from NYX and Collection

Hi everyone!

It’s taken me this long to finally try out the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Not surprising, to be honest! It was one of those things I meant to buy and try as soon as NYX landed in the UK a while back but for some reason, I never got around to it. But here we are now… I also picked up the Collection Velvet Kiss and after seeing how similar the two products are, I thought I would feature them in the same post.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

£6.00 – Available from Boots, Debenhams and many online stores like FeelUnique, Cult Beauty and LookFantastic.

I really liked this at first – it goes on the lips quite pigmented but might need more than one dip in the tube if you’ve got bigger lips. It even goes on with a bit of a sheen before it sets compared to the Collection Lip Cream which already applies quite dry.

It appeared smooth at first but cracks showed up in my bottom lip later when I smiled. However, it was a lot less drying compared to the Collection Lip Cream.

Cannes is a cute pink shade that is like Bourjois’ Nude-ist to me, but a little deeper and warmer, perhaps. It just seems way more flattering on me than Nude-ist, and I can actually imagine myself wearing this shade a lot, so I’m going to try and find a very similar one in a formula I like.

Zurich is a lighter, coral ish shade. The coral tones prevent this colour from being too light and bland on me. This particular shade was a gift from TrayTray and I don’t think I would have bought this colour to try myself otherwise, so I was surprised to find this to be a cute colour for the spring and summer seasons.


Okay, this picture doesn’t seem strange at all on my phone but my laptop shows it as super dim and cool-toned. Anyone else?


Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream

£2.99 – Available from Superdrug


This product was very obviously made to be a dupe of the Soft Matte Lip Cream – the tubes are almost identical apart from the slightly different finish on the lids.

Caramel is a very pretty nude brown shade I often struggle to find in stores because it’s all sold out. The price makes it a pretty irresistible pick-up if you like any of the small range of shades. This is the only nude brown shade. It has a very strong sweet smell that smells both delicious and slightly off-putting… sickly, maybe.

I’ve previously compared this to Velvet teddy in this post, so I’ll share the same photo below. It wears decently but I feel as if it is quite drying. On top of that, the tube feels quite empty and the applicator doesn’t pick up much product even when it’s new. Collection’s Lip cream only holds 5ml whilst NYX’s Lip Cream holds 8ml, so that might explain that.


Overall, I think I’m going to conclude that these lip creams aren’t for me – they didn’t really live up to the hype for me and whilst they’re not awful, they’re also not mind-blowing but I can see why the NYX ones are a favourite.

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Review: Smashbox Studio To Go Lips Set

Hiya everyone!

I’ve been doing my best to consistently put money to the side and the plan was to put a little less than usual in my savings to account for things like Christmas shopping. My personal rule is only to take the money back out from the savings account if I really, really need it (often, I do not) or once I have hit my target for the big thing I am saving for.

But then I forgot about it and stuck in my regular amount into the savings (probably for the best) and so, long story short, I had less money than planned for Black Friday things, cut into my food budget, and I didn’t even spend that much overall anyway. £30 total spend is nothing compared to the stories I heard that weekend!

A lot of self-control happened which was good, and on top of that Black Friday is generally largely underwhelming in the UK anyway. I think back to the KIKO and ELF sales sometimes and maybe I should’ve bought other various things, but they’re sales and they’ll always come back around (LOL).


Anyway, I picked up Smashbox’s Studio To Go Lips set, which includes their ‘Be Legendary’ cream lipstick in the shade ‘Legendary’ and their Insta-matte Lipstick Transformer which claims to be able to mattify cream lipsticks. They are both mini sizes, and the set was previously sold for £14.50 but were £9.66 when I purchased them. I thought it would be a good time to try out some items from the brand as I have not tried any Smashbox before.


The colour of the lipstick looks very vibrant and pure-red from the bullet but it swatches to be a little on the pink side. I was a little disappointed with how it swatched with one swipe, although this may be personal taste more than anything. I do tend to lean more towards opaquely pigmented products and that’s what I’m used to. Luckily, it’s easy to build up with more swipes.


On my lip, there are two dark dots that seemed to appear out of nowhere one day (as I wear lipsticks a lot it’s no surprise I missed this) but since then I’ve been using those dots as a measure of opacity. For example, you can’t see them at all under these Colourpop lipsticks.

The Be Legendary lipstick didn’t cover up those dots completely even with lots of swipes. That said, there is still plenty of pigmentation happening here, which is fine. Paired with the shiny finish it makes the red look quite soft and lush I actually felt was nice for everyday wear as it’s not too harsh.


However, I feel that’s not what this product is meant to be as they are described as ‘pigment loaded’ with ‘brilliant colour in one swipe’. I really don’t think this is the case.

On top of that, the lipstick has a slippery formula and I had to quickly reapply whilst taking photos because my slight puckering lead to my inner lips being a little bare! I think you can also tell in the photo that it’s a little patchy just from the product moving around.

Afterwards I tried out a bit of the Insta-matte Lipstick Transformer, and patted it on top for both my arm swatch and lips. It comes out of the tube as a transparent silicone texture (sure enough the top two ingredients in this are dimethicones) and it feels just like any other silicone primer.


Patting it on top of the lipstick essentially blurred some of the shine but I also ended up patting a way a bit of the lipstick itself. It wasn’t super mattifying either, it came down to more of a satin finish. I think it might be because the texture of the Be Legendary lipsticks is already so slippery that the mattifier does not help that much.

I do want to experiment with more lipsticks in order to get a better grasp of how it’s supposed to work so I am not ruling it out as a dud just yet.

Overall, despite the flaws, I can actually imagine myself reaching for the lipstick as a winter option, and the mattifier requires further experimentation but so far, I’m not impressed with it.

What else should I try from Smashbox?

Until next time,