Review: More Clinique Pop Lip Colours (Bare Pop, Ruby Pop, Icon Pop)

Hi everyone!

It’s about time I shared these, for the first review of 2019!

You all know I love and ADORE the Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Cherry, which is plush and comfortable and stains beautifully. So, I bought this set of minis, including a spare Cherry Pop, during the Boxing Day sales in 2017. I didn’t get around to using them until late 2018, and I think I’m finally ready to give a verdict on them.

I like that the base of the packaging matches the bullet colour. These lipsticks go at the front of my lipstick storage rack so I can store them upright and still see the colour, but if you’re storing them in drawers it may be best to store them upside down in order to see the colour you are choosing more clearly.


Here’s a link to my little post gushing about Cherry Pop. I will hold back from gushing about it even more and focus on the other three shades that are new to me!

Bare Pop is a subtle light nude that shimmers. It’s comparable to Rikugien of the NARS satin lip pencil line so, if you prefer a bullet lipstick, this might be up your street. Unfortunately for its name, I think it’s *too* bare and I don’t really reach for it. However, when I do it’s to add it on top of a deeper nude to add interest, or to look like I am wearing nothing which is almost never.

Ruby Pop is a quite bright red. It is in the matte part of the collection, and this shade is delightfully summery. I think I can imagine this at a beach party or festival of sorts. That said, I wore it to work during the late summer to really feel those vibes.

Icon Pop is a delightful deep red, not dark enough to register as burgundy but it’s a delightfully rich shade that I think is very flattering. There are two photos of it below and the bottom one better expresses how this shade translates in real life.

The matte collection is interesting – like the original line, they are vivid in colour, glide across, stay put and are fairly smoothing and forgiving, but there is something about mattes that make you look like more effort has been put in other than just slapping on a lippie.

The matte colours are great in their own right – however, I just don’t reach for them over Cherry Pop. Most likely because I don’t really wear mattes anymore. BUT I have been wearing a lot more red lips recently so hopefully I use them a bit more over the coming months. If not, I’ll have to pass them on to a new home.

Bare Pop is definitely being put on the rehome pile, and I might keep Icon pop if it were not for the fact I own a few similar shades already. I am also particularly torn over whether I’d wear Ruby Pop a lot in future.

This is one of those occasions where buying a whole set of lipsticks just doesn’t work out. I expected at least one total dud (which is Bare Pop for me) but that the other reds are also not wowing me is a little disappointing. Maybe it’s just that Cherry Pop made me hold the entire range to a really high standard, or that my tastes changed between buying and using the set as I definitely lean away from mattes now.

Another reason I am unlikely to buy these lipsticks again – even Cherry Pop – is the fact that the Clinique brand isn’t cruelty-free which docks them of points in my book these days (it was not a priority to me this time last year). But if that is a lower-priority criterion for you, I’d still pick the regular Clinique Colour Pop lipsticks over the matte ones. They’re a great, foolproof range.

So, long story short, these newer lipsticks and I obviously sort of get along but we aren’t each other’s types… if that makes sense at all.

Until next time,


Review: Lanolips 101 Ointment

My current stash of lip balms is at a count of seven, I think… not including the few duplicates I have. Needless to say that I don’t necessarily need any more but this is been on my radar for a while and if things go on sale whilst on my radar, I’m buying it… This doesn’t apply to all things of course and I figure things out on a case-by-case basis, but lip balms have been a total winner for me recently and I’m always curious to try what’s popular.

Over Black Friday, one of the other items I picked up from Boots (besides this Smashbox lip set) was the Lanolips 101 Ointment, which was on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. It’s normally £10.99 for 15g/0.52oz so a fairly pricey little tube.  Other alternatives are Glossier who offers 15ml for £10 and Dr Lipp who offers 15ml for £12. I haven’t tried the other two, and this is my first experience with a lanolin-based lip balm.

The packaging is like other hand creams or salves I’ve seen before, and is also remniscent of paint tubes. I quite like this type personally, as it’s a little more appealing than medicine style tubes and helps me to separate the cosmetic tubes to others in my head.


When I first received the product, I was surprised to find out how stiff the product was at first and how hard it was to squeeze out of the packaging. Especially in this cold weather, it’s advisable to keep it someplace relatively warm or roll/hold the tube between your hands to warm it up and make it easier for the product to leave the tube. I imagine that wouldn’t be a problem in the summer, though. The product seems quite solid but melts onto the lips and becomes a more oily texture.

It is 100% Lanolin (the two ingredients being Lanolin and Lanolin oil), which is a natural product found in sheep’s wool. Therefore, it’s unfortunately not vegan if that is what is important to you. (This is something I have realised I have never mentioned in my reviews for you all and now I am taking more steps to include that kind of information in my posts!) As to whether it is cruelty-free, the packaging states it has not been tested on animals.


There are two ways I like to use this so that my lips are soft in the morning or at least the dead skin is easily sloughed off. One is to slather a super thick layer on (although this is my routine for all my lip balms if I am honest). The other is to spread a thin layer and go in with a slightly thicker layer of something else. At the moment I prefer the second because I think it’s almost like it’s boosting the effect of the balm I use on top. Also, I get to use two lip balms up at once(!!).

I have always struggled to sleep on my back and not roll around which I have been trying to do for the sake of my skincare and lip balms that rub off! But recently I have found a sort of position that stops that and is also comfortable so my lip balms have actually been staying on.

Overall, I am really liking this as a lip balm and may consider buying it again!

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Review: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Cloud Paint in Dusk

Ah, Glossier. With the effortless-cool-girl target audience (which is everyone. I mean, I’m not cool but I sure as hell want to be as cool as all of you), dare I day ‘millennial’ relatability and minimal aesthetic, they’ve become another new hip brand on everyone’s radar.

I shied away from buying any of their products, though, because I felt that many of their items were designed with those in mind who are practically flawless and don’t need much help. It would be great if all I needed in life was a sheer something. Rational thinking says no to the entire brand, but the marketing was successful at making me put the whole brand on my wishlist. It makes me feel a little… petty. I felt biased against the brand before I even tried anything from them.

That said, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the praise surrounding it was the one thing that made me cave in during their Black Friday promo. I could have picked up more items, but I was still a bit unsure.

It’s a cruelty-free gel cleanser costing £15 for 177ml (£8.47 per 100ml) which is really expensive compared to my current go-to, the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk which is £8.00 for 350ml (£2.29 per 100ml)!!! I’ve only been using it as I feel like it but I feel the bottle is depleting so fast and with regular use I’m not even sure it would last me a full month.

The packaging is minimal, of course, and it looks very cool on my desk. It has a rose scent that isn’t strong at all and the gel texture is really pleasant to use in the morning to wash the skincare residue off. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all after cleansing.

I was only expecting a decent morning cleanser from this or a second cleanser type product. I was not looking for a heavy duty cleanser that could erase my toughest makeup. Due to my oily skin, most makeup becomes so slippy, it can be wiped off at the end of the day anyway. However, it managed to take off that makeup quite well (a test-swipe with cotton showed nothing at all).

It even took off my non-waterproof mascara without stinging my eyes. My Soap and Glory cleanser does sting my eyes so this is where the Milky Jelly Cleanser comes out on top for me. I may just be tempted to repurchase this… sometime in the future.

My friend Q and I (look, we talk about makeup and money a lot, okay?) (I mention her a lot but I’m almost certain she’s one of the friends that don’t read this blog lol) were having a lengthy chat about this Glossier sale and she let me try out her Cloud Paint in Dusk. She said she didn’t use it a lot, though, and that it worked better when applied with a stippling brush. I thought that was curious because I heard all of Glossier’s products are supposed to be finger-friendly.


My first attempt at using it confirmed all my fears about the brand. The blush is lovely, sheer and so natural looking but it disappeared in my oily mess of a face in about two hours. In my second try with it, it lasted 4 hours, although it is winter at the moment, so I’m not sure it would hold up in the summer at all.

I have to be careful that I don’t dab it into nothing, too. Overall, it was a little disappointing.



TL;DR the Milky Jelly Cleanser I like, the Cloud Paint, not so much.

What do you think of Glossier?

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Lipstick last worn: Lancome 06 Rose Nu

Review: Superdrug Calm Skin 2-in-1 Serum & Moisturiser

Hello everyone!

I spotted Superdrug’s new additions to their own-brand skincare line whilst shopping around for Christmas, and thought I would pick something up to try. The Superdrug Calm Skin range aims to de-stress skin and includes an overnight mask, a cleanser, a facial spray and a facial oil. None of which break the bank at less than a fiver (or even £3) as far as I know!

The item that appealed to me the most was the Hydrating 2-in-1 Serum and Moisturiser (how does that work?) which costs £2.99 for a 50ml. It claims to instantly soothe, calm, and deeply nourish the skin as well as improving skin texture over at least 4 weeks. Well, mine has been in use for longer now, and regularly at that so I thought it was time to share my thoughts.


The bottle is very similar to their other serums in different ranges, such as the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum which has long been a staple in my routine. The textures of the Simply Pure and Calm Skin serums are similar, too. The Simply Pure feels fractionally less greasy which is part of why I love it, but there’s nothing particularly greasy about the Calm Skin so ??? I can’t pin it down either. Something is different but not largely so. The Calm Skin serum itself is also more translucent than the Simply Pure.

One of the things that made me drop my hard earned coins (literally, considering the price) on this was the inclusion of Niacinamide which is fifth on the ingredients list. Niacinamide is touted for its help with dullness or uneven skin texture caused by acne scars. The hyaluronic acid and chamomile are much lower down so unless you’re allergic to either, neither of those two should be the deciding factor if you’re considering buying this.

I have had both this and The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% Serum in testing and therefore both will have contributed to the recent improvement in my skin texture, particularly a deeper acne scar becoming more even, and blemishes gradually matching the rest of my skin (!). However, I tended to reach for this more often The Ordinary’s option, one of the reasons being that I don’t need to dilute it for use and can just slather it on.

After using this, I realised how much I had been taking for granted the scent-less Superdrug Simply Pure hydrating serum, once again. If you recall I did not like their B.Hydrated Essence Lotion largely because of the sharp scent. The Calm Skin Serum & Moisturiser product also suffers from this but not as badly. Overall, it’s not off-putting and I got used to it.


  • I like that it has niacinamide which actually did something.
  • It’s hella cheap.
  • Fragrance, as always, is a personal thing.
  • Does occasionally cause makeup to pill but is it just me or is it really hard to find skincare that doesn’t do that?????? I need help in that department, friends.

As a final point, I am halfway through my bottle after almost-nightly use of 2 pumps, so sticking at this rate I will take 2 months to finish this bottle (1 month if I used it both day and night). Not bad.

Take advantage of the superdrug skincare offers they often do for their own brand if you decide to pick this up! This is worth a try if you have coins to spare.

Until next time,


Review: Dr Paw Paw Original Balm

Hi everyone!
So, a few weeks ago, I posted mini-reviews of the lip balms I have used before. I was pretty blunt there about how underwhelming I found this Dr PawPaw balm. However, I spotted the large sized product in TK Maxx for the same price as the small one (that I picked up at Primark) and ended up buying it. Why did I do that if I didn’t like it?
On the left, the 10ml tube, on the right the 25ml/0.85fl.oz tube.
Here are the product details as swiped from the packaging.
Multipurpose soothing balm with natural fermented pawpaw.
For lips, skin, hair and beauty finishing, cuticles and nails. Fragrance Free.
Dr PawPaw balm provides relief for dry irritated skin, moisturises lips, nails and cuticles. Soothes dry cracked skin such as hands, heels and elbows. Use for adding finishing touched to hair and smoothing brows. Helps with insect bites and minor abrasions.
Don’t leave home without it!
First off, let me start that I absolutely did leave home without it. In fact, I’m not sure either of my tubes have left the house since I brought them home.
Petrolatum, Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
What I specifically said about this product was it was essentially Vaseline (note the petrolatum at the top of the ingredients list) only with extra stuff in it. I still stand by that statement, and if you’re the type that swears by Vaseline then, well, it’s still a cheaper option than going out of your way to buy this. But if you ever get bored of the blue tub, or happen to find a large tube for £2.50 instead of its usual £6.95, there’s always this bright yellow thing.
Alternatively, decant your vaseline into a small squeezy tube from Muji.
So petrolatum/petroleum jelly is an emollient or in other words an occlusive agent, which means it covers the skin with a layer to trap moisture in. This is why it’s particularly effective for conditions like eczema where the skin sometimes cannot retain the moisture itself. Dr PawPaw is that, plus other things that I personally believe make no difference to how this product operates on my skin.
My lips have some very flaky days, and tend to do their thing mid-day, which isn’t really ideal when I want to go to university in lipstick. I can often feel it through tightness in the morning if my lips have been nice the evening before. However, with a liberal slathering of Dr PawPaw in the evenings, this doesn’t happen.
This is a very specific situation in which I use this product – if they’re already flaking away, there are other products I like to use.
I also prefer the tube packaging as opposed to a tub, but I like stick balms better for half-asleep application in the middle of the night when my lip balm has rubbed off.
Overall, I will use up my tube while continuing my search for my favourite lip balm, as this certainly has a place in my lip care routine.
Have you tried this before and is this a favourite of yours? Let me know!
Until next time,

Review: Vichy Capital Ideal Soleil Sunscreen SPF50+

At the moment, I am constantly on a lookout for a better sunscreen. I have my matte/long wear options sorted but I’d like more daily options for days that I don’t leave the house or when I am not wearing makeup. (Update: As this post is going out, I think I have found The One, so please anticipate a review for that!)

For an at-home sunscreen, I thought I would be more lenient on whether it dries matte, is easily absorbed or leaves a white cast. Turns out, I’m still really picky. It has to be light and comfortable to wear, take no effort to slather on so I can reach for it every day and not blanch at the idea of having to use it.

Unfortunately for me, Vichy Capital Ideal Soleil Sunscreen SPF50+ is none of those things.

I was recommended this Vichy sunscreen from a fellow skincare-loving friend and snagged it online a while ago. Now, after hesitant daily use, I am possibly a week or three from finishing it and I thought it would be a good time to review it.

Brand: Vichy Laboratoires (official product page here)
Product Name: Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid
Cost: £11 for 50ml. I purchased mine for £9.33 from ChemistDirect.
Availability: at all Boots and some other online stores like ChemistDirect which is where I got mine.
Ingredients: (from the product page)


As usual, the CosDNA analysis is here. You may be concerned with the denatured alcohol, fragrance or cetyl alcohol in the product. As the list below demonstrates, it contains chemical filters so be aware if you are sensitive to those.

The sunscreen filters in this product are:

  • Titanium Dioxide (Physical) – UVB and UVA2 (not the whole range of UVA)
  • Avobenzone (listed as Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) (Chemical)- UVA 1 (whole range of UVA)
  • Octocrylene (Chemical) – UVB, UVA2
  • Tinosorb M (listed as Methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol) (Chemical) – UVB, UVA 1, UVA2
  • Mexoryl SX (listed as Terephthalylidene Dicamphor Sulfonic Acid) (Chemical) – UVA1, UVA2
  • Mexoryl XL (listed as Drometrizole Trisiloxane) (Chemical) – UVA2

(I referenced this list here.)

Packaging: Squeezy tube, which is sanitary and easy to use.

Despite the name, this comes out as a white, dense cream. It’s heavier compared to my other sunscreens. I’m reusing an old comparison photo from my sunscreen round-up so you can see how the texture is different.

Yay for multi-tasking photos!

Frankly, I am kinda sick of this stuff. I liked it back in December when it started to get cold and my skin was not handling the transitional weather so well, because it felt thick enough to feel substantial on my skin yet still dried down fairly matte but not drying.

These days, I have noticed that if it’s not rubbed in properly, it’ll leave quite a white, powdery/rubbery cast which I hate and that I always have to look in a mirror in natural light to notice. It can also pill if not rubbed in properly before it dries down. I had to take a break from it once every week or so and hug the last rations of my Biore Watery Essence which I have decided I may actually repurchase (in the 2017 reformulation) to try out its new properties.

I just cannot wait to be through with all of it but at the same time I don’t like having to put it on my face. It has been going on my hands recently where it seems to rub in a lot more easily and as a result, dries down less annoyingly. So it would make a fantastic overpriced body sunscreen, but on the face it’s… effort to use, and effort to muster up the determination to use it.

Finally, a reminder that whilst I am not a fan of this stuff, my friend has a drier skin type and she seems to like it a lot – she’s not on the search for a new sunscreen and has gone through multiple tubes of this! So who knows. This product just isn’t for me, though.

If you would like to see how this compares to some other sunscreens, remember to check out this round-up post.

Thanks for reading – I hope you found this helpful!


Rambly Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette

Confession: after dabbling in makeup for a year and a half, I finally own my own blush palette – and a highlighter, but that’s for next time(!). At last, I have all my categories sorted when it comes to doing a face full of makeup.

Anyway… Recently I was gifted the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice palette from AT. It’s a super late Christmas present as I haven’t been able to see her. She was originally planning on getting me The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and had it wrapped and all(!) but as you may have seen, Tray gifted it to me as her present. So now we are planning on reading it together and sharing our thoughts as we go along.
Anyhow, let’s get on to the palette review!


Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite budget brands, especially for palettes, offering brilliant quality at such affordable prices. This is now the third palette I own from them – the other two are eye palettes. This costs £6 for 8 nicely sized pans of product, and is very easily found at Superdrug or Tambeauty’s website.

This comes in a cardboard box and sleek plastic casing with a large mirror in the lid and signature rose gold text. It definitely feels worth a lot more than £6!

Of course, being blush, they’re all pinkish shades. Some lean more nude and some are hotter pinks, and shimmery. It’s nice variety for blush but who am I to talk when I’ve not tried many (LOL)?

First off, I would like to humbly say that I TRIED, with these swatches. They’re not my best. Soz. This photo shows up so blue and dark on my computer monitor compared to my phone- let me know if you’re seeing the same thing for future posts. I used my finger to swatch these with two swipes.

On the top left, we have two subtle, more nude shades. These are great for washes of colour and it’s good for beginners like myself who aren’t sure about going overboard with the colour.

On the top right, we have a bright, very ‘Barbie’ pink and then a blush so pale and glittery it’s a cool-toned highlighter. I can’t see myself using those shades very much.

On the bottom left, there are two deeper, redder pink shades. Although they are similar, the left-most shade leans redder and the second shade is pinker. I have to be very careful with these, it’s so easy to go overboard with them.

On the bottom right, a light orange coral pink and a darker shimmery shade. These are like the nude shades in that they are easier to work with and not overdo it on the face, but the shades themselves are a little bolder.

They really are pigmented with high colour payoff. Especially with the deeper shades, I only needed a small tap with my brush and I worried that I had gone overboard. It’s not too chalky and there is a little fallout – but when learning to work with those darker shades, I decided that if I’m getting fallout, that’s WAY too much product on my brush. The lighter shades are easier to use for anyone who is worried about going overboard. Overall I’d say there’s a good range of ‘difficulty levels’ for anyone who is new to blush like me.

I have oily skin, and when I first apply all my makeup, it looks okay! It definitely adds some life back into my face. Even over the course of the day as I inevitably get oilier and my makeup melds together a bit more, this still holds its own and stands out. I even got a few compliments on the blush specifically during a work shift! Worked the right way, it’ll definitely draw the right attention.

(You have no idea how close I was to going to work with pink blush and green eyeliner. I’d put on the eyeliner first and didn’t expect the blush to come out so pigmented so, after failing to blend it into oblivion, I just got rid of the eyeliner and instead went for a rose-brown themed look. For a neutral yet not nude look, pink and brown are great!)

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new palette!

Thanks for reading,