So, it’s been 6 entire days without a blog post – apologies. My stress levels have recently rocketed and I’ve also been struggling to get sleep. Then I found this post in my backlog which is absolutely the most perfect thing I could post right now, and without much more effort since I wrote this last week – my energy levels are non-existent too…

I must admit, I was probably a few stressful school nights away from (edit: I am on the brink of) taking the train to Coffee-All-Nighter-Ville, but the up-rise of tea themed blog posts plus my moms new healthy lifestyle meant that tea crept to the top of my list of priorities during the summer. Y’all know me – always late to the bandwagon with instant home-made mocha (in this case, green tea) instead of a Starbucks, because I am just not that classy.

Here are the teas I am drinking right now! These are Clippers’ Snore and Peace infusion and their Pure Green Tea.


Hey, these teas are so good this little spider passing by wants them too…

Anyhow, green tea and special night time infusions are two teas that are now somewhat essential to my stash. I usually only have one brand of green tea and night infusion at a time, and both of them right now happen to be from Clipper Teas. I like the fact that they use unbleached tea bags and biodegradable boxes – makes me feel better, as well as the Earth, of course.

I’m not fussy about where I buy my tea. When I first introduced teas to my daily routine, I just picked up own brand pure green tea and pure chamomile tea from the local Co-Operative supermarket, since it was the closest one at the time, and it’s a good place to start.

If, like my brother, you hate the taste of pure green tea there are some lovely blends available. My second wave of tea boxes included Twinings’ Mint & Green Tea, and I have previously added lemon to my pure green tea for a morning kick. Mint or Lemon masks the bitter green tea and makes it easier to stomach if you need it. I would also add honey to it, but now I avoid adding sugars of any sort – anyway, I’m used to the taste now! The other tea box from this wave was Pukka’s Night Time Infusion, which I liked and finished, but not enough to repurchase it again. It contains oat flower, lavender and limeflower, and I thought the flavour was a bit unusual.

Thirdly came these clipper teas, and I think they may be my favourite, although most teas are so affordable that I am happy just picking up any box, prioritising the boxes that are on sale (I picked up the Clipper Green Tea for £1 a box!). Clipper’s Snore & Peace Infusion contains similar ingredients to Pukka’s Night Time, although I like it more as it’s missing that odd flavour in the Night Time – possibly the oat flower, although it could be something else.

You’ve probably never thought of the tea aisle as a definite place to look during the weekly shop, so perhaps now is the time to look – there is tea for all tastes.


Weekly Thoughts #10

I am typing almost half asleep and am blissfully wondering if I could squeeze in a nap before dinner…

  1. I think one of the single biggest factors of my skincare problems is my lack of sleep. The other is hydration, which has been easier to rectify. I get into bed at 10pm but don’t fall asleep until midnight, giving me an average of 8 hours’ sleep (7 on school days or when I stay attached to the family iPad) when I should try to get more as I definitely have the time.
  2. I have attempted to stick to a blogging routine but well, personal happenings do not happen on a schedule so I think I shall just roll with this semi-scheduled format.
  3. I have discovered a new eating place near Mom’s nail salon. I have walked past it so many times on my way to get lunch at Greggs’ (or another local eatery) but never entered the shop. The Spud Oven does simple lunch foods like jacket potatoes (with a great variety of toppings) and pork sandwiches and soups and regular sandwiches and sometimes other hot foods like cheese and potato pie. I am a convert and will be visiting regularly from now on!
  4. I bought a slightly battered copy of Game of Thrones from a charity shop to ‘try out’ but I think I may have dived into the deep end of the pool. I feel as if this series should be read first and watched later because knowing what happens by watching, I no longer have the patience to read all about it again. The books, however, are just as vivid and action-packed as the TV series which is a good thing to know. On the other hand I bought some old pop CDs from the 2000s and I’m really not sure whether to regret this or not – ah well, for 50p each I can’t go too far wrong… can I???
  5. I am developing a vague interest in tea, and have purchased Pure Green Tea and Mint-and-Green Tea for the health benefits of the Green, even though I am not a fan of the taste – the mint is a welcome addition and sometimes I put lemon in my Pure Green Tea. I also bought a small box of Chamomile Tea for the evenings to help me relax and possibly help with my sleeping routine. These teas are surprisingly really affordable at less than £1 a box for own brands (I bought mine from The Co-Operative Supermarket) and a bit more for Twinings.
  6. I (or rather, Mom) bought a pair of beautiful new boots at New Look in the kind of style I have been lusting after for months and months (Mom justified this by fitting well into them as well so we can share!). I love block heels with platforms in particular but they’re particularly hard to find sometimes, especially as I have small feet (I fit a size 3 with wide fit and 4 without). New Look have a lot of items in styles I love and the biggest blessing is that their stuff actually fits my petite frame. I spotted a long t-shirt style top which is now on my mental wish list for my next after-work shopping spree.
  7. I ripped out my Lael Cowl and started it over again as I didn’t like the rolling stockinette at the beginning. Instead, I replaced it with seed stitch which doesn’t roll and adjusted the pattern so that the bumps in the main pattern fall in line. I have knit enough to catch up to where I should be as the 3rd episode of The Great British Bake Off is on tonight.
  8. I have re-done my nails twice since my last nail-related update, so a post is long overdue. The parents have plans to redecorate the salon and I got a huge bagful of throwaway polishes that have questionable colours and half-full bottles… But c’mon. It’s free nail polish – even if my mom has a particular disdain for those brands (How could she not like China Glaze? Really.)

The back to school rush has well and truly started  – I’m exhausted from today’s shift at work, I mean we have a ticket system for a reason, dear customers, don’t tell us we’re crap for not catering to your every whim when you didn’t get a damn ticket or bother to get measured – and that only serves as a grim reminder that we have like, two weeks left of the holidays.

I swear, yesterday I still had my entire life ahead of me, what happened?


P.S. It’s my brother’s turn for GCSE Results Day tomorrow. Wish him luck.