Review: The Rosehip Specialists Rosehip Oil

Okay, so you want the full product name?
The Rosehip Specialists
Rosehip Plus Pure & Natural Rosehip Oil
Australian Certified, Organic, Cold Pressed.
For a long time, I have kept my distance from oil-based products in my skincare. Despite hearing about the benefits it might have for even oily skin, it just didn’t appeal to me. Why would I add more oil to my oily face? That said, there’s no doubt that the recent uprising of oils really interested me, no matter how I resisted.
Originally, I was going to purchase rosehip oil from The Ordinary, who sell 30ml bottles for £9, but I spotted this in TK Maxx, the last box at the back of the shelf, for £6.99 (also 30ml) and grabbed it immediately. This particular oil has added vitamin E in the form of Tocopherol. It has a yellow, slightly orange colour to it.
From the packaging, Rosehip Oil contains:
Antioxidants Lycopene and Beta-carotene
Vitamins A,C and E
80% Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6 and 9
Rosehip Oil is touted for a whole lot of benefits but the one that caught my eye was that it was also compatible for oily skin because the oils that are in it are at different levels to the ones that naturally occur in oily skin types, therefore it should help to balance the oils somewhat. That said, I can’t quite remember where I read this… (I know, I’m a bad academic). It’s also not occlusive, so I could layer it under masks and other stuff this winter!
Here are some of the product’s other claims as taken from its packaging:
Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars
Maintains skin hydration and softness
Improves appearance of dry and sensitive skin
Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Promotes skin elasticity and texture
My first use of it was to add it to my Etude House Collagen Emulsion, just before my occlusive layer. I have also tried to mix it with Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum. On the first impression, it seemed to break up the product but as I kept mixing the two blended together fine. I really like it for adding some richness to my otherwise very light and layered routine.
Thankfully, it hasn’t broken me out, which was what I was most worried about. It has also helped to restore my skin’s odd dry winter patches, too, although it hasn’t done anything, of course, to help my skin’s oiliness level. Over more long-term use I found it helped reduce the prominence of some of my old acne scars.
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my first foray into skincare oils and now squalane is on my list to try, too!
How do you use oils in your skincare routine?

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First Impressions: Deciem The Ordinary

Hi everyone – I disappeared for a two weeks because I had simply hit a bit of a block when it came to blogging. Shame, as I have managed two posts a week all year so far! I guess it was a bit of a burnout on my end after all of that hard work. As exams are approaching fast, I am reducing my posting to once every week for the time being. Thank you for reading, as always.

Anyway, I am switching it up a little today! Normally I don’t like to do first impressions because I’d rather have a full review up, but I am going to do a few mini-reviews first and put up individual full reviews in a month or so. The opportunity is just too exciting to pass up! I can’t say much about effects on my skin until I finish fully testing, so please anticipate the full reviews!

The Ordinary are a new brand under the parent company Deciem. I bought my products from their official site but you can buy some from as well. It was £4.99 for delivery from the official site but they do offer free delivery for orders over £25+, including the option to add other Deciem brands in a pick n mix fashion. On ASOS’ site, it is £3 or free standard delivery over £20. Next time, I’ll probably order from ASOS to save a few pounds.

Their products are named by their prominent ingredient or function. I think this brand appeals most to people who like their research-supported skincare with active ingredients, and want an affordable source for them. For people who are beginners to skincare, this might be a little intimidating or just plain confusing.

Azelaic Acid 10% Suspension
£5.50 for 30ml

At the moment, I am using this every day – this is the first item on my testing list! I am worried that with daily use this tube will be finished before I can blink.

The suspension has a fairly thick cream texture like a silicone primer type product. It goes on smooth on the skin with a slight mattifying effect and absorbed into my skin quite quickly. Overall, it’s pleasant to use and I have no problem reaching for this daily!

Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%
£5 for 30ml (1 fl oz)

This is a lovely thin, scent-less liquid. I’ve heard lots of reports of this pilling but I haven’t experienced much of this yet. However, this is only just being introduced to my routine so I’ll have to see if my opinions of this change over the next month or so.

High-Adherence Silicone Primer
£3.90 for 30ml (1 fl oz) in sealed tube

So far I have only tested this once, and was glad to find out that it did not break me out (I don’t have sensitive skin but I am wary nevertheless). I want to note that it also worked decently with my sunscreen without pilling, which is a plus. I’m looking forward to testing it out some more so I can see properly if it affects the wear of my makeup. It doesn’t feel like a regular silicone primer as it almost feels like a lotion.

So far, my opinions of the brand have been generally favourable. I haven’t had any breakouts just yet, and I am looking forward to observing the results.

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