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[Makeup and Chatter] Lunch at The Botanist

I don't know about you, but I'm really enjoying this unintentional 'Makeup and Chatter' series. I get to talk about a good day with nice memories at a place I haven't been to before, as well as share a makeup look. Oftentimes posts with only the former don't do so well but I really do enjoy… Continue reading [Makeup and Chatter] Lunch at The Botanist

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Cafe Visits: Javalounge

Aside from all those good resolutions for the sake of being a better person (more on that later this month), one of them is to visit more cafes. Especially local ones that can't really be found anywhere else. It seems a bit pricier than my usual Tesco's £3 meal deal (that I'll never give up,… Continue reading Cafe Visits: Javalounge

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Packing for a Trip to Vietnam

Hi everyone! I'm playing around with some photo editing things like title cards, so bear with. Let me know if you like this one! In the meantime... It's the rainy half of the monsoon in Vietnam at the moment but when the sun is out, it's intense. I'll die at 21 degrees in Bham but… Continue reading Packing for a Trip to Vietnam

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I’m in Vietnam!

Hi everyone! I keep saying I will return to blogging more often yet the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of energy and exhaustion. I'm so sorry. It's been more difficult than I thought to commit to getting back into this. Okay, X. (pumping fists) (Wait, what's my bloggerly name again?) Let's do some… Continue reading I’m in Vietnam!

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My Weekend in Bristol!

I'm nineteen now, everyone. Almost at that big two-zero and of course, by this time nobody quite wants to get older. Right now I actually want to skip to my late twenties when I have my life a little more put together but, of course, it can't be done. I spent my birthday weekend in… Continue reading My Weekend in Bristol!

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Okay, real talk - my birthday is this weekend and I am spending it with TrayTray in Bristol where she studies. I am incredibly excited for this, even if we have absolutely no plans as to what exactly we'll be doing whilst over there. Now, here comes the fun part - packing for it! What… Continue reading What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?